pls and HighTec Offer Complete Tool-Chain for TC1796 Microcontroller

2/28/2005 - Simultaneous with the youngest member of the TriCoreTM family from Infineon Technologies, the 32bit microcontroller TC1796, pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme and HighTec EDV-Systeme presented a complete development environment at the Embedded World 2005 for this device that was especially designed for automotive applications.

The Universal Debug Engine (UDE) presented by pls in hall 10, stand 10-308, allows a program trace at system clock frequencies up to 170MHz, where up to 1 Mega-samples can be recorded. The tool supports debugging and service of TC1796 applications with on-chip multi-CAN. For a direct access to the microcontroller, a CAN-bootstrap loader is available to the user. The optimized and hardware implemented JTAG-Bus-Controller in the Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2), also premiered at the Embedded World 2005, permits download transfers rates up to a maximum of 3,5Mbyte/s to the TC1796 as a target system.

The TriCoreTM Compiler System from HighTec, exhibited in hall 10, stand 10-217, is based on GNU technology and is platform independent. Access to special functions of the TC1796 can be performed directly in the high-level programming language. A part from absolute addressing, which facilitates an efficient access to each memory segment, variables can also be addressed register-relative over up to four predefined address registers.

pls Programierbare Logik & Systeme and HighTec EDV-Systeme count for years to the leading suppliers of debuggers and compilers for Infineon’s TriCore family. That is why both companies have been involved at an early stage in the development and design-in of the TC1796 with major automotive suppliers.

Thomas Bauch, general manager of pls emphasized the increasing importance of interdisciplinary cooperation amongst microcontroller manufacturers, tool providers, and users: “With the modular Universal Debug Engine (UDE) for the TriCoreTM TC1796, pls Programierbare Logik & Systeme sets new standards in the area of development and test of software in automotive applications. The prompt optimization of the system specification to the industry requirements was made possible only through intensive collaboration between Infineon, key partners from the automotive industry, and tool suppliers like pls and HighTec EDV-Systeme during the entire development phase.”

HighTec EDV-Systeme general manager Dr. Rolf Strothmann also regards the close cooperation between the microcontroller manufacturers and tool partners to be increasingly important in the early development phase. “In the continuously increasing complexity of software processes, not the quality of the individual tools decides, moreover it depends on the smooth interaction of all systems. Our compiler was therefore optimally aligned not only to the next generation microcontroller architecture of the TC1796, but also to the Universal Debug Engine from pls. Through the partnership with pls, a complete new tool suite with excellent interoperability and functionality of mature quality is available for the first time to users simultaneous with the launch of a new member of the TriCoreTM family.”

pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme
The pls Programierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH located in Lauta, Germany, was founded in 1990 by Thomas Bauch and Stefan Weiße. The company is among the worldwide leading suppliers of software debugging solutions and complete development tools for the 16 and 32-bit microcontroller family from Infineon technologies, STMicroelectronics, and ARM. The fully new and unique software-architecture based Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is revolutionary, due to an emulator-like debug functionality including hardware breakpoints, hardware trigger and trace features, achieving extremely fast debug cycles. The hardware family Universal Access Device (UAD) opens up a fully new dimension in data download speeds with transfer rates of up to 3.5Mbyte/s. More information can be found at

HighTec EDV-Syteme
HighTec EDV-Systeme was founded in 1982 and is specialized in the integration of software and hardware systems. The focus of the company is directed towards computer applications for monitoring, controlling, measurement, and regulation, which depend on safety and real-time behavior. The product and service offering from HighTec EDV-Systeme extends from motor control to complete control and monitoring of complex technical processes. Further information can be found at

Trademarks: TriCore is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies AG.

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