Smart Network Devices Introduces Universal Ethernet Powerlink Gateway

2/23/2005 - Ethernet Powerlink (EPL), the most popular real-time Ethernet standard for industrial automation, builds its success on a clear protocol structure. In this way – as required for process control – packet collisions on the Ethernet can be completely eliminated and deterministic response times are now possible. With the EPL gateway solution HYEPLGW, Smart Network Devices (SND) is launching on the Embedded World 2005 exhibition (hall 11, stand 316), the user can now seamlessly and efficiently route from a regular Ethernet segment to a real-time Ethernet segment according to EPL V2.

The universal EPL gateway bufferes Ethernet frames coming from the regular Ethernet segment and inserts them in the corresponding time slots of the EPL protocol reserved for this task. The PC user, running e.g. a webbrowser, can in such way access any real-time node and has the impression of a direct access.

HYEPLGW can at the users choice be configured as a Managing Node (MN) or as a Controlled Node (CN). Additionally special application software can be loaded enabling the use of PC-based configuration tools. Here again a transparent access from the tool to any real-time node is possible.

SNDs universal EPL gateway is part of the Ethernet Powerlink Evaluation Kit, but is also offered as an individual product. The power supply is 24 V DC and the plastic housing (size: 4 x 6 x 12 cm) with aluminium front panel allows the use as desktop device as it can be mounted on a rail.

Smart Network Devices GmbH
Smart Network Devices GmbH (SND), established in 1999 in Neuss and now located in Jülich, has developed an innovative technique of their own, that makes it possible to handle complex communication requirements in wired and wireless networks on one single chip (System on Single Chip). Within shortest, SND advanced to one of the global leading business companies in this scope with cutting edge products like the embedded network operating system HyNetOSTM, the Micro WebTargetTM-board family, the Bluetooth board Micro BlueTargetTM as well as a large number of software protocol extensions (e.g. TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SSL, SNMP, Bluetooth protocol stack, EPL) for HyNetOSTM. Today, SND’s solutions allow cost-efficient and platform independent “Embedded Networking” in fields like industrial automation, facility management, wireless infrastructure etc. More Informations about SND you will find under

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