Kontron Combines CompactPCI and PCI with XL3000 System Solution

2/22/2005 - With the XL3000 system solution, Kontron Modular Computers unites robust CompactPCI technology with the low-cost PCI world, thereby offering unmatched flexibility with an attractive cost/performance ratio. CompactPCI users from the industrial and engineering sectors are thus able to make use of cost-effective or field-tested PCI I/O cards. The combination of high-performance, long-life CompactPCI products and PCI I/O cards that are cheap and easy to upgrade when necessary creates a system with a long lifespan. The system components are placed in a 4U housing, which offers room for four PCI cards and four CompactPCI cards. The XL3000 is delivered as standard with the CP306-V, a CPU unit with a Celeron® M 1.3 GHz processor.

Optional drives can operate safely in a bay equipped with shock absorbers, even in harsh environments. Among the numerous options are a dual 2.5-inch hard drive which supports redundant operation in accordance with Raid Level 1, as well as a comprehensive range of I/O cards.

The XL3000 CompactPCI system
The CompactPCI backplane of the XL3000 offers four slots, one of which is used for the 4 slot PCI adapter. The simultaneous operation of PCI and CompactPCI cards in one housing, which is made possible by the PCI/cPCI bridge, protects investment and know-how, because standard PCI boards and existing software can be combined with current high-performance CompactPCI boards to create highly efficient systems. The flexibility in system design that this produces is further enhanced by a hot-swap fan with SENSE output and two 5.25-inch inserts. The XL3000 particularly suits applications that are under heavy cost pressure or that will run in harsh environments.

Also contributing to the further reduction of the total cost of ownership is the fact that all of the slots and bays are accessible from the front side, so that maintenance or the expansion of installed systems poses no problems. The integrated 250W ATX power supply connects via an IEC socket, which is also accessible from the front of the housing and is therefore user-friendly. The power supply tolerates input voltages in the range of 95 to 264V AC, at frequencies between 47 and 63 Hertz. The basic version of the system weighs about eleven kilograms and comes in a 4U housing with dimensions of 428 x 178 x 270 mm.

The XL3000 will be available as of March 2005. One highlight among the extensive accessories is the long-distance monitor solution, which allows an operating and monitoring unit to be placed at a distance of up to 40 meters. Additional information can be found on the Internet at www.kontron.com.

Details of the CP306-V CPU
The standard XL3000 is equipped with a 3U CPU with Celeron® M 1.3 GHz processor, which has an attractive cost/performance ratio. This CPU offers numerous I/O functions and was specially developed for cost-sensitive yet demanding tasks. The Intel processor has a 512 KB internal L2 cache and requires so little energy that the CP306-V does not need any active cooling. The SODIMM slot can accommodate PC333-DDR-SDRAM memory modules up to 1 GB. The processor is supported by an 855GME chipset installed on the CPU card, which has an integrated graphics controller for the display of complex graphics and videos. The I/O controller supports numerous interfaces, with one USB 2.0 port, one COM port, one Fast Ethernet port, one DVI port, and one PS/2 port to choose from on the front cover of the standard CP306-V CPU. A 2.5 inch hard drive and a Compact Flash slot for Compact Flash storage media, accessible from the front side, can be used for data storage. A variety of LED displays provide information about the status of the CP306-V CPU. Additional CPU modules are available upon request. Information about Kontron accessories and CPU modules is available on the Internet at www.kontron.com.

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