Microcross, Cogent Debut Unified Embedded Linux for CSB6xx ARM9 uSBC

2/16/2005 - Microcross, Inc. and Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. have announced their unified embedded Linux strategy for the CSB6xx, Ultra-small Single Board Computer (uSBC). The first Microcross GX-LinuxTM Platform is built to run on the Cogent uSBC CSB637, which is based on the Atmel AT91RM9200, 200MIPS core ARM920T SoC. The CSB637 is designed for low-power, industrial and medical applications.

The CSB637 OEM board frees a developer from the risky task of designing with Micro-BGA, Blind Via and 5 mil track technology, and allows him to accelerate his development using GX-LinuxTM with confidence that he can meet development deadlines. The CSB637 forms the core of any low power, high performance device such as an intelligent front panel, networked building controller, medical life signs monitor, industrial Ethernet to machine interface, and much more.

Cogent OEM boards derive much of their functionality from the basic CPU, but supplement that functionality with selected off-chip peripherals such as:

GX-LinuxTM comes with development tools, BSP drivers for the Cogent uSBC, and much more:

"GX-LinuxTM development kits are available under various free licenses and copyrights. Most important of all, software created that executes on the target processor will not place undue restrictions on embedded applications. In other words, Linux applications are under the Lesser GPL restrictions with GX-LinuxTM. Developers and commercial companies are not required to 'open-source' their proprietary applications when linking with uClibc modules. GX-LinuxTM is a great alternative to other embedded Linux distributions when proprietary and time-to-market count," said James Calvin, President at Microcross.

"The complete GX-LinuxTM development kit, including a Cogent micro single board computer, Microcross toolsuite and BSP, together provides a rapid application development solution for engineers to jump start their project without incurring the typical high-costs and product restrictions associated with commercial RTOS and network solutions. With years of trial experience in many commercial systems, embedded Linux along with Cogent OEM boards are worth serious consideration in your next embedded design solution," said Michael Kelly, Vice President Engineering / Marketing at Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.

Standard GX-LinuxTM development kits start at $1,000. Professional GX-LinuxTM Board Support Packages (BSPs) with the Visual X-Tools toolsuite are priced at $3,000. The Enterprise version is priced at $6,000 and includes a host computer on a 1U rackmountable chassis, a pre-installed and pre-configured software development environment, and complete target remote debugger solution. A developer can simply plug-in and begin application development and debug.

About Cogent
Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of embedded OEM and development boards since 1992. Cogent produces single board computers that can be used for both OEM use and software development. The Cogent Single Board computers (CSBs) are based upon today's leading technology and most popular integrated CPU's such as ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and ColdFire. Cogent SBCs are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use. With over 12 years of experience, Cogent solutions are "Always Complete" and provide a cost effective platform for integration into custom systems as well as for rapid software development. For more information, please browse www.cogcomp.com

About Microcross
Microcross is the leading international distributor of open-source embedded development tools based on GNU technology. Microcross is making embedded systems easier to program by providing full-featured, open-source development tools that are validated and documented, so customers can affordably accelerate their development. Microcross enables customers to confidently develop and run software in embedded systems faster, more reliably and at a lower cost. Microcross' professional embedded tools solution tightly integrates a rich set of leading real-time operating systems and its own brand of embedded Linux to meet the needs of customers producing embedded devices and smart technology. For more information, please browse www.microcross.com or email sales@microcross.com

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