MEN Mikro Elektronik Unveils EM07 Embedded System Module

2/14/2005 - MEN Mikro Elektronik introduces the EM07, a new ESM (Embedded System Module), at Embedded World 2005 in Nuremberg. It is based on Intelís® mobile low power/low voltage Pentium® III processors. Combined with the CYCLONE® FPGA by Altera®, the EM07 is much more flexible than any conventional PC as the system input/output required for each individual application is available in the form of IP cores.

Pentium® Power for tough industrial environments
The ESM (Embedded System Module) EM07 is an ideal computer platform for embedded industrial PCs running Windows or Linux, e.g. for infotainment applications right through to train control. Accordingly, Celeron / Pentium III low-power models keep heat build-up to a relatively moderate level; a specially developed heat sink ensures effective heat reduction in systems without a fan or in extreme temperature ranges. The processors used on the EM07 have a clock rate of between 400 MHz and 933 MHz, are from Intelís embedded line and are thus the pre-requisite for a minimum availability of five years.

Two Fast Ethernet and one or two RS232 interfaces, which can be accessed either via RJ45 or D sub plug on the front, are located directly on the EM07. There is also a SO-DIMM and a CompactFlash slot on the board.

The chipset functions Ė including graphics Ė and additional input/output from the FPGA, for example two other serial interfaces, (E)IDE, two 1.1 USBs, LPC and a Codec connection for AC'97 audio are routed to the carrier board via the J2 rear I/O plug.

Other application-specific functions can be performed flexibly and individually in the CYCLONE FPGA on the EM07 and are also physically routed to the carrier board. These include - for PCs in particular - typical serial connections, CAN controllers, touch controllers etc.. These IP cores can be assembled from the MEN function library and reconfigured, combined with IP cores by other providers or even completely redeveloped as required. MENís IP cores are described in VHDL and connected internally via the standard wishbone bus. The FPGAís external bus is the CPUís PCI bus.

The new FPGA content is downloaded from the boot flash before the system is booted. FPGA updates are also possible in the boot flash during operation and are then available once the system is rebooted.

A starter kit is recommended for evaluating the EM07 functions. The kit comprises the standard ESM EM07, a preconfigured FPGA, a carrier board with input/output plugs, an external mains adapter and an adapter for assembling a PCI-104 module.

About ESM Ė Embedded System Modules
ESM modules are complete computers on a plug-on module. The ESM consists of a computing core (x86 or RISC CPU, chipset and memory), board-specific I/O, an FPGA that can be used for a range of application-specific functions, and board support packages for various operating systems. A complete embedded control consists either of a stand-alone ESM (the power supply connection is sufficient to operate the module), an ESM with an application-specific carrier card and/or an ESM with an additional plugged PCI-104 module.

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