Offers Electronic Designers Free Chip Estimation Tool

2/14/2005 - Giga Scale Integration Corporation (Giga Scale IC®) announced that it has launched to provide electronic designers with free access to InCyteTM, a chip estimation tool which helps control the cost of ICs early in the design cycle at the design creation and specification stage, where it has the most impact. InCyte is bundled with Intellectual Property (IP) from leading suppliers such as MOSAID and Virtual Silicon among others.

InCyte allows users to estimate IC cost, yield, die size, power and leakage to within five to ten percent accuracy of final silicon, as well as to make architectural and economic comparisons and tradeoffs across various technology nodes, process variants and IP options. The tool has proved effective at reducing total IC cost and minimizing the duration of the design cycle.

"Design for Cost is our mantra," said Adam Traidman, president of Giga Scale IC. "InCyte offers every designer the means to get an early idea of the actual cost of a specific design, and provides a fast, easy and free way to get InCyte."

Upgrade subscriptions providing access to additional IP vendor and foundry data are available at the website. Visitors simply register, download a free copy and can begin estimating their designs immediately. With the free version of InCyte, designers no longer need to depend upon cumbersome spreadsheet calculators which are rapidly becoming unmanageable with the ever changing complexity in manufacturing and IP options.

"InCyte gives designers and management unprecedented flexibility in performing rapid 'what-if' analysis to understand which IP, process and technology variants and chip features allow them to reach the goal which matters most to the project - be that reduced cost, power or leakage, or increased yield," added Traidman.

InCyte IP Support
InCyte comes bundled with an extensive set of IP from industry-leading vendors including thousands of hard and soft IP blocks, cell libraries, memory compilers, and I/Os. Giga Scale IC's constantly growing IP library is updated in real-time via a secure web connection, ensuring that InCyte users have the latest vendor releases at their fingertips.

"Access to the value of the InCyte tool via permits designers of complex ICs to make critical design decisions at the architecture planning stages of their design, observed Peter Gillingham, V.P. & General Manager, Intellectual Property Division of MOSAID Technologies. "GigaScale IC's products highlight the value proposition of embedded DRAM such as those provided by MOSAID as overall requirements for on-chip memory capacity increase."

"We are excited to be working with the team," said Les Wilson, Virtual Silicon's Director of Product Marketing. "The benefits InCyte offers for design exploration with our IP portfolio offers a winning combination for us and our customers.

InCyte Users
"InCyte deserves a place in every designer's toolbox," said Craig Farnsworth, Manager, IC Physical Design, at Silicon Optix Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, and supplier of advanced video/image digital processing integrated circuits (ICs). "It is a completely practical, no-nonsense innovation that is destined to become an industry standard. It helped us save design cycle time and costs with early and accurate estimates of size, yield, memory power and redundant memory cost.

Availability, Upgrade Options
A free, time-unlimited version of InCyte is available for download now at Upgrades from the free version to a subscription version provide access to IP vendor and foundry specific technology data, as well as additional features that include 65nm chip estimations and downstream implementation tool interfaces. These options are described and are available now at and begin at $1,500 per month.

About Giga Scale IC &
Giga Scale Integration Corporation launched to provide designers with free, upgradeable software that estimates design costs early in the design cycle. The free version of the InCyte software lets users estimate design specifications such as die size, yield, power, leakage, and cost and offers tradeoff analysis options to minimize cost, reduce risk and speed time to market.

Giga Scale IC is located at: 10050 North Wolfe Road, Suite SW1-266, Cupertino, Calif. 95014. Telephone: (408) 255-0444. Facsimile: (408) 255-0344. Email: Web Site:

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