Prof. Jochen Jess Receives EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award

2/14/2005 - A jury of leading scientists and senior industrial managers from the field has chosen Prof. Jochen Jess, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, to receive the EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award 2005. This award is given by the European Design Automation Association, EDAA, the main sponsor of the DATE event ( The award honors individuals who made outstanding contributions to the state of the art in electronic design, electronic design automation and test of electronic systems in their career. The award will be presented at DATE 2005 in Munich.

In 1971, Prof. Jess founded his research group for Design Automation at the TU Eindhoven. This was probably the first research group in Europe solely devoted to this topic. Since then, over 35 top-level PhD students have graduated from this group, many of them have reached influential positions in academia, in system houses and in the design automation industry. Some of them founded successful companies, with MAGMA as the most prominent example.

The contributions of the group span the whole spectrum of design automation from layout optimization and simulation of analog circuits to high-level and system level synthesis, and compilation. They include significant speedups in circuit simulation through piece-wise linear simulation, new algorithms for logic synthesis and transistor sizing, new place and route algorithms for gate-array structures, synthesis of reprogrammable architectures and architectural models for multi-media systems. Optimal algorithms for buffering, gate sizing, resource allocation and constrained scheduling were invented by himself and members of his group.

Throughout his career he maintained close contacts with many in the industry. He was key in many seminal EDA developments at IBM, Yorktown, and Philips, Eindhoven, research, two of the world's leading industrial institutions in EDA and Test. As Dr. Theo Claasen, CTO and Executive Vice President Technology and Strategy at Philips Semiconductors summarizes, “In this capacity he has had a great influence on the fundamental research that was carried out there, particularly in the field of system level design and verification, including test. The prominent role that the Philips groups have played in this field has largely been based upon the advisory role Prof. Jess has played during many years. It evidences the practical and industry minded attitude that Prof. Jess has always demonstrated in his research work.”

Jochen Jess is a true model of a brilliant researcher and educator. “All the work from the group has been underpinned by strong mathematical modeling. Prof. Jess ensured that his students were proficient in the basic electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science skills that underlie much of the innovation in design automation”, as Dr. Leon Stok, Senior Manager at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, explains.

Prof. Patrick Dewilde, Scientific Director of the Delft ICT Research Centre and a Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, adds, “Prof. Jess has been a master in reformulating sometimes arcane EDA optimization problems as streamlined mathematical problems fitting in a sensible optimization theory context. He has contributed so many ideas and has inspired so many people, students and colleagues alike with his fresh views, deep insights and quick understanding of issues.“

“Most importantly in my opinion is that he was one of the most active founding fathers of the EDAA itself as well as of the European conferences starting with CAVE, then EDAC, ED&TC and finally DATE.” as Prof. Hugo DeMan, Senior Research Fellow at IMEC, Belgium, and recipient of both the EDAA and Kaufman Awards, highlights.

With Jochen Jess, EDAA honors a brilliant scholar and an outstanding leader who was instrumental to build up and maintain excellence in EDA and Test in Europe and beyond.

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