Renesas Introduces SH-Mobile3A Mobile Phone Application Processor

2/11/2005 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced the SH-Mobile3A (SH73380), a new edition to the SH-Mobile series of mobile phone application processors. The device offers the latest multimedia processing features, including support for terrestrial digital TV broadcasts and 5-megapixel camera modules, and a JPEG hardware accelerator for still images. This makes it ideal for use in high-end mobile phones.

The SH-Mobile3A incorporates the newly developed VPU4 video processing IP. This provides high speed processing support for the video compression standards H.264 adopted for ISDB-T, a 'one-segment broadcasting' system for delivering terrestrial digital TV broadcasts to portable devices, and MPEG-4 used for movie and videophone applications. The VPU4 is capable of decoding VGA size video at a rate of 30 frames/second (f/s). Furthermore it incorporates a transport stream interface that allows separate processing of video and audio data without CPU load. The device can also support multiple digital TV broadcasting formats for mobile phones, including DVB-H and DMB.

The VPU4 incorporates 7-stage pipeline processing technology that reduces power consumption either through the use of lower clock frequencies or through dynamic variation of the clock numbers of the individual stages. As a result, current consumption by the IP core while operating at 66 MHz is only approximately 36 mA when decoding VGA size video at a rate of 30 f/s.

The SH-Mobile3A is equipped with a camera interface that supports direct connection to a 5-megapixel camera module (the highest resolution supported by the SH-Mobile series) and incorporates image processing functions. The interface allows large volumes of image data to be captured and displayed with a variety of options, including digital zoom and overlay using on-screen display (OSD) and hardware cursor (HWC) functions, for example. The SH-Mobile3A also includes a video output unit compatible with NTSC and PAL, allowing the mobile phone to be connected to a TV to display high-resolution images captured using the mobile phone's built-in camera.

The processor is the first device in the SH-Mobile series to incorporate a newly developed JPEG hardware accelerator. This realises a maximum still photo successive capture speed of 0.02 seconds/photo or better for VGA size and 0.1 seconds/photo or better for SXGA size. This makes the creation of a wide range of attractive camera applications possible by allowing users to take photos in rapid succession.

The SH-Mobile3A is based on the SH4AL-DSP CPU core that offers a processing performance of 389 MIPS at a maximum operating frequency of 216 MHz. This gives a performance by frequency unit of 1.8 MIPS/MHz, enough to handle a browser for viewing one-segment broadcasts. This capability also enables the device to handle parallel processing of multiple high load applications and operations using a general purpose OS such as Linux for a greater processing load than a dedicated OS.

Additionally, the SH-Mobile3A offers a variety of peripheral functions ideal for mobile phone systems, including an LCD controller compatible with TFT colour LCD panels and a sound interface. The device is available in a 409-pin CSP package (12 mm x 12 mm x 1.4 mm, 0.5 mm pin pitch). Sample shipments will begin in April 2005.

SuperH is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries.

About Renesas Technology Corp.
Renesas Technology Corp. designs and manufactures highly integrated semiconductor system solutions for mobile, automotive and PC and Audio Visual markets. Established on April 1, 2003 as a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, NYSE:HIT) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TSE:6503) and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Renesas Technology is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world and the number one microcontroller supplier globally. Besides microcontrollers, Renesas Technology offers system-on-chip devices, Smart Card ICs, mixed-signal products, flash memories, SRAMs and more.


ItemSH-Mobile3A Specifications
Product nameSH73380 (R8A73380BG)
Power supply voltageInternal: 1.1 V to 1.3 V
External: 2.5 V to 3.3 V or 1.65 V to 1.95 V
Maximum operating frequency216 MHz
Maximum processing performance389 MIPS (at 216 MHz operation)
On-chip RAM128 Kbytes
Cache memory4-way set associative type, with separate 32 Kbytes for instructions and 32 Kbytes for data
X/Y memory (for DSP)16 Kbytes
On-chip peripheral functions
  • 5-megapixel camera support functions
  • VPU4 (H.264/MPEG-4 full hardware accelerator)
  • JPEG hardware accelerator
  • 2-D/3-D graphics engine
  • DMAC 6 channels
  • MMU
  • Video output unit (NTSC/PAL)
  • LCD controller supporting TFT color liquid crystal display
  • USB function (USB 2.0 full speed compatible)
  • Interfaces
  • Dedicated interface (connection to baseband LSI, etc.)
  • Transport stream (TS) interface
  • NAND/AND flash memory interface
  • Video I/O (direct camera module connection interface)
  • I2C* interface
  • Clock-synchronous serial interface 1 channel
  • Serial interface with FIFO 2 channels
  • Asynchronous serial interface 4 channels
  • Sound interface unit 2 channels
  • Key scan interface
  • Package409-pin CSP (12 mm 12 mm 1.4 mm, 0.5 mm pin pitch)

    *I2C (Inter IC Bus) is an interface specification proposed by Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands.

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