Inphi Rolls Out 25706CP and 25707CP 25 GHz Latched Comparators

2/8/2005 - Redefining high performance, Inphi Corporation ( announced the 25706CP and 25707CP 25 GHz Latched Comparators. These devices provide an order of magnitude increase in comparator sampling frequency relative to other commercially available comparators, enabling very high frequency and accurate digitization of broadband analog inputs. The Latched Comparator operates at 25 GHz (sampling speed) with less than 4 mV hysteresis.

In addition to speeding the development of new applications, the 25706CP and 25707CP 25 GHz Latched Comparator is ideal for broadband test and measurement equipment, high speed instrumentation, automatic test equipment (ATE), military, and telecommunications applications.

SyntheSys Research, Inc. was among the first customers for Inphi's high-speed latch comparator technology, utilizing the part in its BertScope for testing high-speed communications systems and components by incorporating Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) functions with sample-rich eye Diagram analysis.

"The Latched Comparator developed by Inphi gives our BERTScope product its ultra high-performance," said Tom Waschura, Chief Technology Officer of SyntheSys Research, Inc. "Partnering with Inphi to incorporate their technology gives us direct access to phenomenal jitter and noise reducing performance that directly impacts our key performance specifications."

The 25706CP and 25707CP 25 GHz Latched Comparator has <200 fs random jitter, and has an analog input 3 dB BW of 18 GHz allowing users to capture higher frequency signals for digitization. Its very low input offset of 1.5 mV results in a particularly high level of input sensitivity.

Key Features:

Price and Availability
The 25706CP. 25 GHz Latched Comparator operates from a single -3.3 V power supply and is available in a ceramic land grid array (LGA) package or in die form. The packaged part is also available on an evaluation board with SMA connectors. For customers requiring a comparator that operates from a +3.3 V power supply Inphi offers the 25707CP. The part is expected to sell for $800 in low volume.

About Inphi Corporation
Founded in November 2000, Inphi Corporation is a privately held electro-optical components company based in Westlake Village, California. Inphi delivers the highest bandwidth, lowest power integrated circuits to equipment manufacturers who need breakthrough solutions for data communications, telecommunications, and instrumentation systems. Additional information about the company can be found at

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