Measurement Computing Rolls Out Advantage USB Electromechanical Relay Modules

2/4/2005 - Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of its new Measurement Advantage, USB-based electromechanical relay modules. The USB-ERB24 offers 24 channels of Form C relay with 6 amp output ratings. The USB-ERB08 offers identical performance in a 8-channel configuration.

Measurement Advantage brand USB-ERB series interfaces are the perfect alternative to a PCI board based system. The advantage of simple installation, built-in signal conditioning, and screw terminals all in a rugged and robust enclosure makes the Measurement Advantage an all-in-one solution. Data acquisition for your PC has never been this easy and trouble-free. At $299, the USB-ERB24 offers all this at a price that is 18% less expensive than our lowest priced PCI based alternative. The USB-ERB08 also offers the Measurement Advantage at roughly the same price as our comparable 8-channel PCI-based system.

The Measurement Advantage products are robust and rugged, offer high I/O counts, are easily expandable, and are extremely easy to use. The USB-ERB series enclosure makes it ideal for laboratory, automated test, and industrial monitoring/control applications. The all-aluminum chassis rests comfortably on any benchtop or may be easily mounted on any standard DIN rail. All wiring is brought out to full-sized screw terminals that are easy to wire to, and yet are protected by the unitís latching connection cover.

Each USB-ERB series module provides an exclusive, built-in USB hub. This allows easy expansion of Measurement Advantage brand systems as additional interfaces are added, without requiring an external USB expansion hub. The USB-ERB products also implement a daisy-chain power supply interconnection that greatly simplifies wiring in larger systems.

Measurement Advantage software is provided in a variety of forms, one of which will be ideal for any application. All units also include TracerDAQ, Measurement Computing's powerful stripchart recorder, and data logger software application. Also included is SoftWIRE, the popular graphical programming interface for Visual Studio .NET.

All Measurement Advantage units also include Measurement Computing's powerful Universal Library. The Universal Library is a powerful language interface, allowing users to write programs in all of the popular programming languages using easy-to-understand, high-level command syntax. The USB-series also includes drivers for most popular data acquisition application packages including LabVIEWTM.

Measurement Computing Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacture of computer-based test and measurement hardware and software. These products include analog and digital I/O boards, serial and GPIB interfaces for the USB, PCI, ISA, cPCI, PCMCIA and PC/104 buses, as well as RS-232/485 serial interfaces. The privately owned company, founded in 1989, has more than 70 employees and markets its products worldwide through direct sales, a distribution network, and the worldwide web. Visit for more information.


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