SoftJin's Free Anuvad GDSII to OASIS Translator Remains Popular

12/23/2005 - SoftJin, an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software development services company, announced its free source code for Anuvad*, a suite of GDSII-OASIS libraries and GDSII to OASIS translator, has been downloaded by over 400, since its introduction last year (November, 2004). The downloaders include large IDMs, foundries, mask shops, EDA tool suppliers, fabless semiconductor companies, design services companies and design consultants from over 40 countries. The GDSII to OASIS translator in Anuvad compresses GDSII design files by up to 20x.

SoftJin released Anuvad to accelerate OASIS-based tool development by commoditizing the basic infrastructural libraries for GDSII and OASIS, and making them freely available as source code. An Anuvad license enables users to use, enhance and modify the source code to develop their own tools and utilities for internal as well as commercial use.

"Anuvad offers designers and tool builders a way to jumpstart the path towards OASIS based flow by helping them develop OASIS based tools and /or convert their GDSII designs into OASIS format. The tool builders are able to focus on developing high value added tools rather having to spend resources on building OASIS readers, writers and translators. SoftJin also offers tool development and enhancement services for OASIS-based tools," said Nachiket Urdhwareshe, SoftJin's CEO.

The volume of data that represents an IC design during the layout design phase has exploded in size, with enormous growth in the size and complexity of the ICs as well as nanometer accurate manufacturing processes. GDSII has been the industry standard format for representing layout data and exchanging this data between chip design teams, silicon foundries and mask companies. The OASIS (Open Artwork System Interchange Standard) format, promoted by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), is a much more compact format that is slated to replace GDSII as the standard data format used for exchanging layout data.

More about Anuvad
Anuvad, a free suite of IC design layout data exchange libraries and tools for use by IC designers and EDA product companies, includes GDSII and OASIS readers, writers and a GDSII file to OASIS file translator, in source code form. It is one of the first tools to handle the OASIS format, and the only one available for free use in source code format.

SoftJin's Anuvad software suite contains essential building blocks that facilitate migration to the OASIS format. The GDSII and OASIS reader and writer libraries enable users to develop their own post layout tools.

Anuvad's GDSII to OASIS converter has been tested and benchmarked with real life layout data from semiconductor companies. It provides an average of 20x compression while converting layout data from GDSII format into OASIS format. Apart from the significant value addition these utilities bring on their own, the source code release of these utilities demonstrates the way to use the GDSII and OASIS libraries.

Price and Availability
Anuvad software is available now for free download from SoftJin's web site. There is no restriction on source code redistribution internally. There is no restriction on the object code distribution internally or externally. However, the source code redistribution externally is restricted only through the common mailing list for Anuvad developers.

About SoftJin
SoftJin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an EDA software development services company that develops software for the specific requirements of semiconductor and EDA companies. SoftJin's customized EDA software development and enhancement services offer the advantages of enhanced EDA software capability, flexible capacity and cost savings.

The company's headquarters are located at Unit No: 102, Mobius Tower, I Floor, SJR I - Park, EPIP, White Field, Bangalore - 560066, Tel: +91-80- 51779999, E-mail: The USA office is located at 2900 Gordon Ave, Suite 100-11, Santa Clara, CA 95051, Tel: (408) 773-1714, Email:

* Anuvad means translation in Sanskrit, the oldest Indian language.

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