WinSystems' Blue Collar Linux Powers Industrial Applications

12/21/2005 - WinSystems announced Blue Collar Linux for its -40° to +85°C EPIC, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and EBX single board computers (SBCs). "Blue Collar" Linux is WinSystems' implementation of GNU/Linux that provides customers a way to quickly embed Linux for industrial-based applications. Integrated with WinSystems' rugged x86-based products, it provides an excellent starting point for developing applications in machine control, instrumentation, COTS/military, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), transportation, pipeline, and homeland security.

"Linux is a fast, low-cost, and widely accepted operating system well suited for robust embedded applications," said Robert A. Burckle, Vice-President of WinSystems. "Using a standard distribution for development and the Linux 2.6 kernel, we have created a small, royalty-free embedded operating system for use on our various SBC platforms. It can be easily recreated from the source files using most distributions and does not require any special or proprietary development tools. Designers can start with our sample image on a proven hardware platform and modify it to fit their specific needs or simply add their application software to the existing system."

WinSystems' embedded GNU/Linux systems include a web server, Telnet access, FTP, and serial terminal support. Our development kits include board specific drivers, documentation, cables and a quick start guide. Also a tutorial, located on the CD, includes a brief overview and a step-by-step procedure to recreate the sample operating system.

WinSystems offers many SBCs in different sizes and capabilities to meet the needs of the industrial market. From a compact 3.6" x 3.8" PC/104 bus 486DX to a 5.75" x 8.0" EBX-compatible high-performance Pentium? III with integrated video and Ethernet controllers. They feature networking capability, multiple data storage choices, plus digital and analog I/O support and expansion options. These units fit space-sensitive and extended temperature requirements where most PC compatibles can't.

WinSystems' Linux-supported SBCs are (1) EBC-C3, a 733 MHz/1GHz Via C3 EBX board; (2) EPX-C3, a 733/1 GHz Via C3 EPIC board, (3) a EPX-GX, a 500 MHz AMD GX2-based EPIC board PPM-TX, (4) a 266 MHz PC/104-Plus module; (5) PPM-520, a 133 MHz AMD 520 PC/104-Plus module; (6) PCM-SC520, a 133 MHz PC/104 module, and (7) SAT-520Plus, a 133 MHz AMD 520 SBC with PC/104-Plus expansion.

Blue Collar Linux development kits are configured and packaged for each specific SBC. They include the two distribution CDs, DRAM, CompactFlash, cables, power supply, and null modem. Pricing begins at $995. There are no additional Operating System royalties or runtime license fees. Delivery is from stock to three weeks. For sales contact information, please list WinSystems' Application Engineering Group at 715 Stadium Drive, Arlington, Texas 76011, (817) 274-7553, e-mail

WinSystems' designs and manufacturers PC/104, EPIC, EBX, and STD Bus boards for use by OEMs worldwide. We have served the industrial market for over 23 years.

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