Polyhedra Real Time Embedded Database Turns Phones Moody

12/21/2005 - Polyhedra has announced that its real time database has been deployed by Indian mobile services supplier Bharti Telesoft for their Colour Ring Back Tone solution.

Bharti Telesoft's Color Ring Back Tone solution adds a new dimension to mobile services by allowing customers to vary their handset ring according to their mood, taste or current environment, helping to bring out the subscriber's creativity, reinforce their brand loyalty and enabling mobile operators to achieve increased revenues.

Key to this development was Bharti Telesoft's decision to use the Polyhedra real time database. Knowing that scalability and performance of the system were critical factors in the success of the project, Bharti Telesoft evaluated several in memory databases before choosing Polyhedra.

"We chose Polyhedra because of standards support (SQL), its real time performance, its fault tolerance mechanisms and the excellent support we received during the evaluation", said Lalit Manchanda, Technical Manager at Bharti Telesoft.

Running on a Linux/x86 platform, Polyhedra provides the essential data management functions needed by such a large data intensive embedded system.

"This is another example of how important database technology is to the wireless sector and how Polyhedra leads the way in this emerging market," said Nigel Day, Technical Director of Polyhedra." We are very pleased with the success of the project and we understand that Bharti Telesoft is looking at deploying Polyhedra in some future products."

Indian wireless provider Airtel has been one of the first to deploy this system, promoting their "Hello Tunes" services to their huge 5 million Indian customer base with great success. The Color Ring Back Tone solution supports multiple applications over Web, WAP, IVR, SMS and USSD and can easily scale to support millions of transactions. With huge demand for personalized services and the latest ring tones, together with enormous content supply, Bharti Telesoft's Color Ring Back Tone is a future-proof application that is already widely deployed around the world.

About Polyhedra
Polyhedra is a small footprint, high performance in memory database. Polyhedra couples the benefits of an SQL database with built in fault-tolerance, data persistence and event driven data change notification. Whether running on an Embedded System or on a Server, Polyhedra's reliable client-server architecture has been successfully deployed in high performance and mission critical applications worldwide.

Polyhedra have been experts in Data Management for more than 14 years, working with clients such as Ericsson, Marconi, Bristol Babcock, Newport Networks and many other software engineering companies that require the best in data management technology. Polyhedra have extensive experience and expertise in both the Embedded Systems sector and the Server Level sector, with knowledge of a wide range of Operating Systems and hardware.

About Bharti Telesoft
Bharti Telesoft, a member of Bharti Enterprises, India's leading telecom conglomerate, enables wireless and wireline carriers to unlock the revenue potential of their networks by delivering best-in-class, revenue-critical VAS products and services. Bharti Telesoft's flexible, telco-grade, revenue-generating applications span core areas of operators businesses: Messaging, Call Management, Roaming, Prepaid, Content, and Customer Care and Billing. Bharti Telesoft has proven real-world experience in delivering VAS solutions in over 25 countries, on over100 networks and to over 100 million global subscribers.

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