Excelsior JET 4.1 Focuses on Ease-of-use and Deployment

12/20/2005 - Excelsior LLC, a technology leader in producing optimizing compilers and high performance runtime environments, has released the latest update to its flagship product, Excelsior JET 4.1. This release improves ease-of-use and enhances the application deployment facilities.

"Earlier this year, we had our engineering resources concentrated on certifying our solution Java Compatible, so we had to put aside many customer complaints and feature requests," said Dmitry Leskov, Excelsior's Director of Marketing. "Now we are catching up: in this release we have addressed a number of ease-of-use issues and added various deployment-related features for which our customers have been waiting, according to the recent survey."

The complete list of improvements and new features in Excelsior JET 4.1 may be found at www.excelsior-usa.com/jetlatest.html

About Excelsior JET
Excelsior JET is a complete solution for acceleration, protection and deployment of Java applications, certified Java Compatible on a number of platforms. A unique feature of the Excelsior solution is Excelsior JET Optimizer that translates Java application's classes and jars into high performance native executables resistant to reverse engineering. The optimized executables are backed by Excelsior JET Runtime, which is a complete Java runtime environment. The Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit facilitates rapid creation of a complete installation package that includes the optimized Java application and the Excelsior JET Runtime engine. The installations can be easily integrated into any setup generator or powered by the bundled Excelsior Installer.

Pricing and availability
Excelsior JET 4.1 supports Windows and Linux on Intel x86 and compatible hardware. Two Editions are available: Standard, priced from $240 per developer, and Professional, which lists for $900 per developer. No runtime fee applies to deployment of optimized applications to conventional desktop PCs. Deployment to high-end multiprocessor servers and embedded devices is subject to royalties. Academic licenses are available to students and members of the faculty and staff of qualified academic institutions at much reduced prices. For more information or to download an evaluation copy, please visit the Excelsior Web site.

About Excelsior
Excelsior LLC provides advanced Java-compatible solutions and software development services with particular focus on optimizing compilers, high performance runtime environments and the Java technology. Excelsior is a Java Authorized Licensee. The flagship product of the company, Excelsior JET, is a complete solution for acceleration, protection and deployment of Java applications. Founded in 1999, Excelsior is headquartered in Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia.

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