Artesyn Rolls Out Full-Brick DC-DC Converters for RF Power Amplifiers

12/19/2005 - Artesyn Technologies (Nasdaq:ATSN) has launched a series of high-efficiency full-brick isolated DC-DC converters designed specifically for use with RF (radio frequency) power amplifiers and similar telecom equipment. The new RFF series of converters comprises five 28 V output models, offering a choice of two input voltage ranges and three output current ratings for optimal applications flexibility. All five models feature high power output capabilities and are rated for continuous operation across a wide temperature range, making them ideal for use with high availability equipment deployed in demanding outdoor environments, such as cellular basestations and last mile broadband systems. The top of the range RFF700 model is capable of delivering 25 A at 28 V (700 W), yielding a power density in excess of 127 W/in3.

RFF series full-brick converters are primarily intended for generating the regulated intermediate bus voltage in telecom systems that use a distributed power architecture. All five modules produce a nominal 28 VDC output, which can be adjusted over the range 16.8 to 29.4 V via a single resistor or a suitable control voltage. The RFF500 and RFF600 have output current capabilities of 17.9 A and 21.4 A respectively, and both models are available with a choice of 24 V nominal (18 to 36 V) or 48 V nominal (36 to 75 V) inputs. The RFF700 handles output currents of up to 25 A and has a nominal 48 V (36 to 75 V) input. All RFF series converters also feature a low voltage (7 to 10 VDC) auxiliary output, which can supply up to 20 mA for power control signaling purposes.

A key advantage of RFF series converters is that they can be connected in parallel for high current applications and will automatically share load current, without the need for any additional circuitry. As many as 11 converters can be connected in this manner, and by adjusting their output voltages to within 1%, users can obtain up to 95% rated current from each unit. This enables extremely high power 28 VDC sources to be configured very easily and cost-effectively. Simply by paralleling RFF700 models, for example, users can implement a power supply capable of delivering more than 260 A - equating to 7.3 kW of fully regulated power.

RFF series full-brick converters are based on an advanced single forward topology, using ultra-fast recovery output diodes and a high fixed switching frequency of 1MHz, to provide conversion efficiencies of up to 91% at full load. This minimizes internal power dissipation, which simplifies thermal management and contributes to the converters' excellent reliability. Feedback isolation is achieved without the use of opto-couplers, which helps maximize bandwidth to ensure excellent transient response and regulation characteristics. All five converters maintain line and load regulation to within 0.54% and 0.2% respectively.

The converters have an industry-standard full-brick pin-out and footprint of 4.6 x 2.4 inches, and an above-board height of 0.5 inch. They are packaged as fully encapsulated units intended for through-hole board mounting and incorporate aluminum baseplate technology for conduction cooling. Various heatsink attachment methods are available, and the modules can be supplied with threaded or blank inserts to suit customers' preferences.

Artesyn's RFF series converters have no minimum load requirement and can operate over an exceptionally wide baseplate temperature range of -40 to +100 degrees Celsius. Differential remote sense and positive logic remote on/off facilities are provided as standard, with negative logic remote on/off available as an option. An 'inverter operation good' output signal is also provided to indicate normal or abnormal behavior. The converters are fully protected against input under/overvoltage, output overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit conditions, and feature overtemperature shutdown with auto-restart. RFF series converters carry a full set of international safety approvals - including EN60950 VDE, UL/cUL60950 and an IECEE CB Scheme test certificate and report - to help customers reduce system compliance costs and accelerate time to market. The converters are compliant to RoHS Directive EU 2002/95/EC and intended for telecom, server, storage and other applications that will continue to use lead solder.

Artesyn's RFF500/600/700 series full-brick converters are available for immediate delivery. In OEM quantities of 1000, unit prices range from $137.50US for the 500 W, 24 V-input model, to $181.50 US for the 700 W model. Standard lead time on all models is stock to 12 weeks. To obtain further information about Artesyn's new RFF500/600/700 series full-brick converters, please visit:

About Artesyn Technologies, Inc.
Artesyn Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, FL., is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of power conversion and single-board computing solutions for infrastructure applications in telecommunications and data-communications systems. Artesyn's products are used in middle to high-end servers, data storage devices, routers, hubs, high-speed modems, RF amplification systems, base station controllers and transceivers. The company has a global sales reach with design and manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America. Artesyn is a public company whose common stock is traded on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol ATSN.

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