UAD2+ Enables Fast and Secure Communication with Target System

12/15/2005 - pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme will launch the Universal Device UAD2+ in Nuremberg at Embedded World 2006 in hall 10 booth 10-320. The UAD2+ enables an easy and secure access to 16 and 32 bit microprocessor systems in field applications.

This hardware communication tool is based on a powerful 32 bit communication unit and contains special features like galvanically isolated interfaces and an integrated JTAG extender which enables for the first time the almost unlimited debugging via JTAG bus in industrial field applications.

The JTAG extender is used in combination with an active converter (Pod) which is linked to the JTAG lines of the target system. This Pod guarantees with an standard 50 cm cable – on customer demand there are 1 m cables and longer available – not only an essential increase in noise immunity but also substantial higher JTAG clock frequencies. The results are significant shorter download times in software development or flash programming.

Differential signal lines are used for communication between Pod and UAD. The Pods power supply is realised via the UAD2+ therefore there is no need for an additional power supply via the target system.

The unique feature of UAD2+ is the combination of a hardware JTAG bus controller and a CAN bus in one single device. The JTAG controller allows data transfer rates up to 3.5 Mbytes/sec and an additional intelligent subsystem enables the continuous record of all messages from the CAN bus. This feature is in function even when the devices are primarily used to communicate with a microprocessor.

UAD2+ enables the continuous recording and sending of messages via CAN bus during test. For maintenance purposes in field applications or in development it is possible to link a CAN service monitor with the application. This enables the debugger to link to the microcontroller target even it is running.

Up to four devices can be linked via the multi target debugging interface which enables the synchronous start and stop of linked targets. Additionally the user has the choice to select various standard PC interfaces like USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and 100 Mbit Ethernet. Due to the robust aluminium case and the compact size (17 x 14 x 6 cm3) the UAD2+ is well suited for portable use.

pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme
The pls Programierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH located in Lauta, Germany, was founded in 1990 by Thomas Bauch and Stefan Weiße. The company is among the worldwide leading suppliers of software debugging solutions and complete development tools for the 16 and 32-bit microcontroller family from Infineon technologies, STMicroelectronics, and ARM. The revolutionary software architecture of the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is optimized for debugging of modern SoC based Systems. The hardware family Universal Access Device (UAD) opens up a fully new dimension in data download speeds with transfer rates of up to 3.5Mbyte/s.

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