Cybermind Showcases Visette45 SXGA See Through Head Mounted Display

12/12/2005 - This year's Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference was an ideal opportunity for Cybermind Interactive Nederland to showcase the new Visette45 SXGA See Through Head Mounted Display (HMD).

The Visette45 SXGA was shown for the first time at the InterSense exhibit. Using the CRLO Displays' SXGA chipset, Cybermind have been able to produce a fully packaged HMD that includes headphones and weighs less than 600 grams.

"The flexible functionality of the CRLO Displays core means that our HMD is not only light weight and low power, but we can also provide the Visette45 with a see-through option," said Vincent Graham, of Cybermind.

"CRLO Displays fast switching microdisplay means that we can use LEDs as our illumination source and provide our customers with sharp, smear free images at a fraction of today's prices," said Graham.

The SXGA chipset enables an HD-capable, fully digital, 24bit, 1280 x 1024 pixel colour microdisplay. It can also accept lower resolution image sources.When integrated into Cybermind's Visette45 SXGA, it becomes a powerful tool for use with interchangeable image devices, as in DVDs, PCs, PDAs, VODs, TVs, game machines and medical equipment.

"The flexibility, performance and lower cost of CRLO Displays' cores is allowing our system customers to offer new features for a growing list of new application segments, " said Ryan West, Sales Manager for CRLO Displays Ltd.

About Cybermind
Cybermind Interactive Nederland is a young and dynamic company, which was founded April 1997, and has grown to become the leading distributor/manufacturer in Europe for Head Mounted Displays. Our partners are: Ascension, Daeyang, I/O Display, Intersense, Polhemus, Sony, VisionMaxint.

Cybermind Interactive Nederland is a technology-based company and we want to excel in producing affordable, high- end, Head Mounted Displays. Head Mounted Display, wearable monitors, used for: research and development, marketing and sales, events and exhibitions, entertainment en education, training and simulation etc.

Our unique designing features are: complete immersive design, lightweight, comfortable, functional and flexible (seamless integration of microphones, camera's, sensors etc). Our latest addition the Visette 45 SXGA is the most recent tangible result of our efforts. We can guarantee that this item is within its price range the best performing HMD available today.

Cybermind Interactive

About CRLO Displays Limited
CRLO Displays design, develop and manufacture a 0.9" fast switching, fully digital microdisplay that offers full motion, full colour (24 bit), 720 line HDTV images from a single microdisplay chip. CRLO Displays innovative, high performance reflective microdisplay technology, and its know-how relating to the integration of its technology, brings a high- value proposition to systems that target the worldwide demand for a new generation of consumer, computer and communications displays products.

The fast switching speed of the microdisplay delivers a compact solution for a wide range of projection and near to eye applications from Optical engines and Rear Projection Televisions through to head mounted displays for training and simulation, commercial printing, and medical imaging.

Working with customers to incorporate its microdisplays into their applications has enabled CRLO to develop first-hand knowledge of the markets to which its technology is best suited. This commercially focused approach to applications design has extended CRLO's reputation for highly skilled technical support, utilising its expertise in design, development, production in optical, electrical and mechanical engineering. CRLO has a large team of graduate and PhD qualified engineers and a global customer base.

CRLO operates from sites in Dalgety Bay, Scotland and London, near Heathrow. CRLO Displays products and services are sold under the CRL Opto brand name both directly and via representatives worldwide.

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