OpenLogic Debuts BlueGlue 3.5 Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite

12/8/2005 - OpenLogic, Inc., the leading provider of software and services which enable enterprises to easily create and manage their own integrated, commercial-grade Open Source environments, announced that it has released version 3.5 of its BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite. With this new version, OpenLogic adds features making it easier for the enterprise to integrate Open Source, commercial and proprietary software in today's mixed Windows and Linux environments. Additionally, BlueGlue now offers over 150 best of breed Open Source projects that have been integrated, tested and validated for interoperability and certified for multiple platforms used in development and production environments.

Key Extensibility Features
The BlueGlue 3.5 release includes the ability to add user selected Open Source software and proprietary software or third party commercial packages along with documentation and test suites. In addition, custom documentation or test cases may be added to any existing Open Source software in BlueGlue. Users of the 3.5 release can also modify or add notations to supported Open Source software descriptions that are relevant to specific projects or policies established by the development team.

"BlueGlue 3.5 gives us a complete development application stack which we can customize to each client's needs," said Edward Ost, Consultant with Xware Associates. "As a system integrator, most of our clients have legacy infrastructure but seldom an entire application stack. The extensible documentation allows us to provide documentation customized to our internal system development approach and for each customer's particular environment. At the same time, we get the benefit of an off-the-shelf wrapper for quality Open Source software that has been pre-tested, thus minimizing risk and total cost of ownership."

Improved Policy Management System
BlueGlue 3.5 makes it easier to filter or limit the types of Open Source projects available to development and IT organizations by license and securing these selections to prevent anyone from overriding them. These decisions can be made at a company, division, department, or individual developer level.

"The risk and complexity of working in a mixed Open Source development environment has made it difficult to manage projects across an enterprise," said Steve Grandchamp, OpenLogic's CEO. "With the latest version of BlueGlue, OpenLogic introduces a mainstream approach to its documentation and support services. We create a bridge between the Open Source community and the enterprise. BlueGlue provides enterprises with thoroughly tested and integrated software and tools for faster, safer use of Open Source software. BlueGlue helps organizations with oversight and compliance issues so they may reduce risks and confidently introduce Open Source into their environments. Our latest features allow customers to add necessary Open Source, commercial and proprietary code to their stacks and also assure compliance with critical areas such as license policy management. Together, these enhancements contribute to improving the experience of integrating Open Source throughout the entire enterprise."

Additional BlueGlue 3.5 Highlights
Additional extensibility features include the ability to create new or use existing categories, licenses, documentation and stacks. All new functions work with BlueGlue's policy management system and plug into BlueGlue through a clean graphical user interface. The latest features work seamlessly with the Open Source software provided by OpenLogic.

New Projects Added and Updated
In addition to the 150 Open Source software projects now included in BlueGlue, the new version offers major updates for key components such as MySQL, JBoss and PostgreSQL.

About BlueGlue
The BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite is used by hundreds of clients ranging from small development shops to Fortune 500 enterprises. It is sold by annual subscription for $399 per user. Enterprise pricing is also available. By using BlueGlue, enterprises get the latest stable Open Source project versions, including the latest bug fixes and security patches. OpenLogic's multi-phase testing and integration process ensures that customer-specified combinations of projects can be automatically installed and integrated in minutes.

About OpenLogic
Founded in 2002, OpenLogic is the leading provider of software and services that enable enterprises to easily create and manage their own integrated, commercial-grade Open Source environments. Its BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite is the first software that automates the reliable installation, configuration, integration, test and maintenance of certified and supported stacks built from customer-specified combinations of over 150 leading Open Source projects. With the 3.5 release, user selected software can be added to the mix. BlueGlue includes a robust knowledge base, professional documentation and many sample applications to accelerate development and learning. As a result, customers benefit from the quality, choice and cost benefits of Open Source software without having to compromise on interoperability, dependability or management costs.

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