Mercado Software Reveals Secrets of Holiday E-Commerce Sites

12/8/2005 - Even if you don't know what you're looking for, or can't remember the exact name of the cool gizmo you saw on TV, modern day e-commerce sites can help you find it. It doesn't matter if your spelling is atrocious. Today's e-commerce web sites can offer powerful search that makes sense of your phonetic guessing and steers you toward the right item.

And if you are gift-impaired and just can't seem to figure out the right gift for your significant other or those hard-to-please relatives, an e-commerce web site that offers dynamic navigation or browsing can help you find just the right present and threaten Santa's job security.

Today, many large online retailers such as Sears, Williams-Sonoma, JCPenney, Macy's, Tower Records, Blockbuster, Guess?, and OfficeMax are using Mercado Software's Search & Merchandising solution to make it convenient for their customers to buy exactly what they want especially if they didn't know what to look for before they went online.

At Blockbuster Online, customers can find the right movies every time, with only a fragment of information such as a name, theme, genre, or character even if they have trouble spelling the names of individual actors or directors. customers are now able to search across product lines, as well as within their departments such as appliances, cookware, home electronics, computers, tools, lawn and garden equipment, and baby products. They can also customize the presentation of their search results by arranging their choices by product name, brand, or price.

Macy's uses Mercado to guide shoppers through a virtual shopping experience. In the same way a salesperson would ask you about favorite brands, styles, size and color preferences, Mercado's dynamic browsing functionality helps Macy's customers find exactly what they're looking for with as much or as little 'assistance' as they wish. also uses Mercado to understand and interpret the subtleties and underlying needs of customer requests. For example, when you search on for a 'blue cocktail dress', among the great selections you will be offered is a Vera Wang maid's short strapless satin dress in fog blue a perfect choice for this year's office holiday party.

In addition to making online shopping experiences simpler and more effective, Mercado's software also delivers powerful and easy-to-use up-sell, cross-sell, and promotional capabilities for merchandising managers.

"By using what we call "closed-loop selling", online retailers can refine and customize search results giving them a predictive 'edge' to help maximize holiday revenues, and providing great, personalized salesmanship and service," said Corey Leibow, CEO of Mercado Software. "Instead of a having a team of web developers manually tweak and change the search results, our software does it automatically."

With a hook into a retailer's changing inventory database and catalog, the Mercado solution can dynamically refine a product's search relevancy by taking into consideration business factors such as inventory levels, margins and/or analytical data. For example, if a sporting goods site is short on Sims Chaos snowboards during the holiday season, it can automatically steer shoppers towards a substitute product like the Sims Montoya snowboard a new arrival, of which they have many in stock. Mercado can also integrate analytics data from companies like Fireclick, to assess shopper behavior and automatically make changes to search results and site merchandising.

According to Mr. Leibow, "Mercado enables retailers to closely watch what is happening on their site and make tactical selling decisions that can be immediately implemented. If they see from their analysis reports that shoppers are hot to buy a specific product they can instantly push it to the top of the list of search results, or promote it as a best-seller."

About Mercado Software
Mercado is the leading e-commerce search & merchandising software specialist for online multi-channel retail and B2B organizations. By enabling a superior buying experience and equipping business managers with a powerful platform on which to implement merchandising strategies, retailers and businesses can constantly grow their business results. Sears, Williams-Sonoma, JCPenney, Macy's, Tower Records, Blockbuster, MSN, and OfficeMax, are some of the companies benefiting from Mercado's solutions. For more information about Mercado Software, please call (888) 376-1400.

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