Polyhedra Real Time Database Powers Ultimate Embedded System

12/6/2005 - Servicing the needs of 10 million people, covering 9,000 square miles and 100,000 inputs, water company, United Utilities have developed one of the UK's most impressive embedded systems. Key to the success of this development was the decision to base the design around The Polyhedra real time database.

Employing 2,200 networked, embedded computers, this system provides control and monitoring for United Utilities entire water supply and wastewater infrastructure. It has been developed to reduce management and maintenance costs and to also reduce the risk of system failures.

"We chose Polyhedra for several reasons. We needed a database that conforms to the SQL relational standards, so that we could leverage our existing knowledge and understanding of databases," said David Stow of United Utilities North West. "The database also needed to be able to run in-memory on an embedded platform that could withstand an industrial environment and have fault tolerant back up mechanisms. Finally we wanted a database that would provide Active Query functionality both locally and remotely, so that an engineer on site could plug into the system and retrieve system values to drive animated diagrams and view the performance of the system on a computer locally. Polyhedra gave us this and more."

Within the system, Polyhedra exists on all 2,200 of the remote out-stations as well as on the UNIX based central control system, a dual redundant / highly fault tolerant system. Polyhedra's internal scripting language and its ability to transfer data over tcp/ip has made it a very powerful and flexible component of the design.

"Polyhedra's multi-platform support has been an important key to the success of this project," states Dr Nigel Day, Product Marketing Manager of Polyhedra." This has enabled the engineers to migrate from their older pSOS platform, to the newer Linux system very easily. It has also enabled the Unix and Linux components of the systems to provide transparent communication and data management."

The Polyhedra Database is available for a broad range of operating system including OSE, VxWorks, Integrity, Linux, Windows and Unix. Polyhedra is currently used in projects ranging from mission critical defence systems through to financial systems and telecom control systems. Polyhedra are soon to release a "stripped-down" version, to be called Polyhedra light and will suited to small footprint, data centric applications.

For more details on Polyhedra contact sales@enea.co.uk

About Polyhedra
Polyhedra is a lightweight, high performance in memory database. In a small, light, high performance package Polyhedra couples the benefits of an SQL database with built in fault-tolerance, data persistence and event driven data change notification. Whether running on an Embedded System or on a Server, Polyhedra's reliable client-server architecture has been successfully deployed in high performance and mission critical applications worldwide. Polyhedra have been expertsin Data Management for more than 14 years, working with clients such as Ericsson, Marconi, Samsung, Bristol Babcock, Newport Networks and many other software engineering companies that require the best in data management technology. Polyhedra has extensive experience and expertise in both the Embedded Systems sector and the Server Level sector, with knowledge of a wide range of Operating Systems and hardware.

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