COMCARE and IAEM Demonstrate Interoperability Emergency Standards

12/2/2005 - COMCARE, the Emergency Interoperable Consortium (EIC), and the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) announced the successful trial of new emergency data communications standards during the annual IAEM Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The demonstration included the exchange of emergency data messages based on three scenarios: a pandemic flu, a Category 3 hurricane, and a terrorist explosion. Over twenty-two different technology companies participated in the demonstrations that showed how standardized data messages can be exchanged by different emergency agency software systems and tools.

Matt Walton, Chairman of EIC, said: "Seeing this many competing companies exchange emergency data using an array of new data standards was truly impressive." Richard Taylor, COMCARE Chair and Executive Director of the North Carolina Wireless 9-1-1 Board, said, "This event showed that data standards are the key to interoperability, and that open standards will improve emergency response agencies' ability to communicate with one another. The Department of Homeland Security has shown great foresight in encouraging the development of these standards."

Lewis Stanton, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing of Roaming Messenger(R) (RMSG), one of the participating technology companies and co-sponsor of the Interoperability Pavilion, stated: "It was inspiring to see companies who usually compete with one another working together to demonstrate the future of emergency response communications."

Using actual and draft standards, over twenty technology companies within the pavilion, in other locations on the exhibit floor, and around the country exchanged alerts, resource requests, and hospital status information during the demonstrations. Participants demonstrated the interoperability value of the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol and three draft data standards being developed as part of a DHS Disaster Management Program-sponsored initiative in which IAEM, EIC and COMCARE are all participating. More information about the pavilion, demonstrations scenarios, standards and participants may be found at

IAEM is a non-profit organization representing 3,000+ emergency management and homeland security professionals for local communities, state and federal disaster officials, private sector, non-governmental organizations and others involved in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from all types of disasters including acts of terrorism. IAEM provides access to the largest network of emergency management experts who can provide advice and assistance; the Certified Emergency Manager(R) program; annual scholarships; a comprehensive monthly newsletter; and more.

The Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC) was launched in October 2002 to address our nation's lack of consistent technical interoperability and standards for emergency and incident management. Now comprised of over 60 private entities, public agencies and non-profit organizations, the EIC is promoting the development and adoption of standards for using Web services, Extensible Markup Language (XML), and existing relevant standards that will enable emergency industry interoperability.

COMCARE is a national non-profit alliance dedicated to advancing emergency response. COMCARE's 100+ organizational members represent the wide diversity of the emergency response community.

About Roaming Messenger
Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology that delivers a completely new and better way for government agencies and corporations to extend information and business processes to the mobile world. The Company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that encapsulates workflow logic and data into smart software "messengers." Unlike regular e-mail and text messages, these messengers are encrypted, and have the ability to automatically move across wired and wireless devices, track down recipients, confirm receipt, deliver interactive content, and transmit real-time responses back to the sending application. The Roaming Messenger product is easily integrated into existing systems. It serves as a communication gateway to the mobile world for a variety of applications such as those used in emergency response, homeland security, logistics, healthcare, business continuity and financial services.

Roaming Messenger is certified as a member of the BlackBerry(R) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Alliance program and has received Microsoft(R) Certified for Windows Mobile designation.

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