Kontron Packs More Power in XL-POCKET/CP6000-V 6U CompactPCI System

11/29/2005 - Kontron Modular Computers is expanding its range of CPCI Value Line products. The existing XL-POCKET 6U modular system is now available as the XL-POCKET/CP6000-V with a more powerful processor board. The integrated CP6000-V is available with a 1GHz or a 600MHz Intel® Celeron® processor and is designed especially for price-sensitive applications. Its three front-access CompactPCI slots make the system ideal for modularly configurable machine controllers or for the development of compact servers. The standard size of the third expansion slot is 3U, not 6U. Any 3U-6U combination is possible with this extremely flexible solution. The system provides an alternative to compact rack-mount PCs. The front-access CompactPCI system boards can easily be swapped, which is good news for systems integrators and maintenance personnel. Thanks to the CompactPCI feature set, this system solution provides affordable luxury at a starting price of under US$1,400.

In the XL-POCKET/CP6000-V, with its optimized price-to-performance ratio, the Intel® Celeron® processor in the CP6000-V cooperates with an 855GME chipset. With two front-access Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the CPU board is designed for demanding, cost-sensitive applications in fields like automation technology.

The highly integrated, compact CP6000-V offers a PMC slot with powerful PCI-X capabilities, an optional SATA or IDE 2.5" hard drive and CompactFlash onboard. All of these features can be used simultaneously on the CP6000-V. This is made possible by the Intel® 6300ESB I/O controller hub, which supplies state-of-the-art I/O technology such as serial ATA/150, USB 2.0 and two PCI buses. At 480 Mbit/s, USB 2.0 transfers data 40 times faster than USB 1.1. Fast and reliable RAM (ECC) delivers up to 2 GB of SDRAM with PC333 on two 200-pin SODIMM sockets. The 855GME chipset on the CP6000-V produces high-resolution images and multimedia-quality videos via an integrated graphics controller. The controller has Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 technology (2D/3D graphics accelerator), which shows screen displays with a resolution of 2048x1536x8bit/60Hz. Besides providing VGA, USB and COM interfaces, the CP6000-V offers a series of user-programmable LEDs on the front panel that can be used for debugging and diagnostics.

Additional Gigabit Ethernet ports or industrial I/O ports can be added to the CP6000-V at any time via Kontron's optional PMC cards. Kontron's extensive front-access plug-in I/O module offerings round out its diverse range of products and provide each OEM and systems integrator with the perfect configuration.

The cost-optimized XL-Pocket/CP6000-V system provides competition for rack-mount PCs and industrial PCs, which have had a price advantage up to now but which are difficult to adapt to different applications: Front-side swapping of modules is possible on a CompactPCI system, whereas rack-mount PCs and IPCs, with completely enclosed housings, require elaborate disassembly for exchange of modules. The CompactPCI system offers more convenience and flexibility at a price comparable to that of rack-mount PCs and IPCs.

Prototypes of the XL-Pocket/CP6000-V, including the CP6500-V CPU board with a 600MHz ULV Celeron® processor and 256 MB of RAM as well as a fanless 75W AC or DC power supply, cost less than US$1400 and are now available. Mass production is scheduled to begin in Q1 2006.

Advantages of Pocket Systems
What is new about the Pocket systems is that in contrast to classic box PCs with ISA or PCI-based expansion modules, they are equipped with CompactPCI modules that are front-swappable without the need to unscrew the whole system. This significantly simplifies and accelerates configuration and maintenance. With three expansion slots, Pockets offer enough flexibility for customer-specific expansion of the system. Kontron offers the appropriate I/O boards for all standard interface requirements, including all standard field bus interfaces (which are significantly more convenient to handle mechanically) at a price comparable to that of any standard ISA or PCI card.

CompactPCI boards and systems are often found in high-end applications with high requirements. Broken down into performance ranges for classic industrial applications, Pocket systems offer for the first time the most convenience possible at standard prices and a high level of investment security, since processor performance and I/O design can be matched to any of the actual requirements. In addition to the existing Ethernet interfaces on the standard processor card, an additional Ethernet switch from Kontron can be integrated. For this reason, the Kontron Pocket systems are already optimally prepared for (industrial) Ethernet communication. Only the appropriate modules need be deployed, using the same housing. This makes the investment particularly attractive over the entire life cycle.

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