RTLinux for AMD CPUs Meets Hard Real-Time Needs of Embedded Developers

11/28/2005 - FSMLabs, a mission-critical software development company, has announced a breakthrough single digit microsecond timing on a 64-bit dual core AMD Opteron processors and immediate availability Carrier Grade Linux and tools for a wide range of AMD processors. RTLinux for AMD CPUs meets the hard real-time needs for high performance communications, dedicated networking and security systems, instrumentation and control, simulation, imaging, and other demanding embedded deployments.

FSMLabs solutions help device manufacturers build and deploy applications for AMD processors with both hard real-time responsiveness and standards-based open APIs and architectures. RTLinux and RTCore enable developers to leverage the performance of an embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) with the interoperability and flexibility of Linux and BSD platforms. For communications equipment manufacturers (TEMs and NEPs) building converged voice and data applications, Carrier Grade RTLinux adds the standards-compliance, availability, serviceability, and security specified in the OSDL 2.0 CGL Requirements Specification.

"FSMLabs gives high-end embedded designers real-time operating systems and development tools that can help quickly deploy a full-featured, AMD64 processor-based embedded systems," said David Rich, director of 64-bit Embedded Markets at AMD. "Customers using the combin­ation of FSMLabs' features and functionality with the industry-leading performance of AMD64 processors should experience low latency, high performance and reliability with their systems."

"AMD processors offer great price/performance, but most embedded OSes and tools can't take advantage of core AMD CPU capabilities," comments Victor Yodaiken, president and CEO of FSMLabs. "FSMLabs customers today build and deploy applications with hard real-time performance on AMD 64 bit dual-core Opterons. They also create products ranging from s/w radios and automobile diagnostics built on AMD Alchemy CPUs to VoIP gateways running on AMD Geode/Elan processors."

On an AMD Opteron 265 dual core system, RTLinux guarantees interrupt latencies of no more than 5 microseconds with scheduling jitter of no more than 8 microseconds even with Linux under heavy load. These industry-leading times can be further reduced with FSMLabs timer advance and processor reservation technologies (with processor reservation scheduling jitter is limited to under 2 microseconds). While real-time Linux is something some vendors promise every year, FSMLabs has been delivering production hard real-time Linux for nine years and offers tested, proven, solutions that run on everything from the latest high end multiprocessors to low power and low cost processors for deeply embedded systems.

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