Intrinsyc Integrates J-Integra Espresso 1.1 with MS Visual Studio 2005

11/23/2005 - Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX: ICS) announces the launch of J-Integra Espresso version 1.1, the latest edition of their industry-leading middleware solution for Java, CORBA and Microsoft applications. J-Integra Espresso v1.1 features enhanced integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and support for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

J-Integra Espresso provides a set of development tools and high-performance run-time components that bridge the Microsoft .NET Framework to Java and CORBA technologies and greatly assist in the development process for developers working on the .NET Framework. Built on top of a commercially proven .NET Framework-based implementation of IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol), J-Integra Espresso provides significant performance gains and enables companies to reduce software development costs, preserve existing enterprise software investments and rapidly deploy enterprise software solutions.

The enhanced integration of J-Integra Espresso v1.1 with Visual Studio 2005 is designed to simplify the process for developers, and features plug-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 as well. This enables any existing Java or CORBA object functionality to be easily integrated within Visual Studio as though it were native .NET Framework-based code.

"Secure and reliable enterprise interoperability solutions are becoming increasingly important for many organizations worldwide," said Dino Chiesa, product manager of the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp. "In larger enterprises, heterogeneity is the rule, and people need to connect their disparate systems. Intrinsyc Software's J-Integra Espresso v1.1 plays an important role in addressing the enterprise requirements for interoperability in a cost-effective manner and with the support of Visual Studio 2005, one can be sure it's going to be easy for developers."

"Intrinsyc Software's J-Integra Espresso v1.1 reaffirms our commitment to provide innovative and effective enterprise integration tools for our customers and partners. We are very pleased to support Microsoft in this important initiative," said Derek Spratt, CEO, Intrinsyc Software.

J-Integra Espresso is a high performance middleware technology that enables interoperability between Java, CORBA and Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications. J-Integra Espresso is part of a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Interoperability Software Solutions from Intrinsyc Software which also includes J-Integra for COM, J-Integra for .NET and J-Integra for Exchange. These powerful middleware solutions are used by many Fortune 1000 companies to effectively integrate the most powerful features of Java, CORBA, and Microsoft technologies. To download a trial version of J-Integra Espresso, please visit us at

About J-Integra Enterprise Interoperability Solutions
Intrinsyc Software's Enterprise Interoperability Solutions business unit delivers proven enterprise middleware technologies that seamlessly connect any Microsoft Windows program and any Java and/or CORBA application. This suite of licensable technologies called J-Integra, include solutions for bi-directional bridging of Java to Microsoft COM, Java to Microsoft .NET, CORBA to Microsoft .NET and Java to Microsoft Exchange.

J-Integra for COM, J-Integra for .NET, J-Integra Espresso and J-Integra for Exchange are licensed and used by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide to effectively integrate and harness the most powerful features of Java and Microsoft technologies. J-Integra has been successfully integrated into many Independent Software Vendors' commercial products for use in Financial, Data/Communications, Information Technology, Medical and Healthcare applications.

To find out more about J-Integra, visit: For product related information, please contact us.

About Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.
Intrinsyc is a mobility software and services company. Its technologies and services allow companies to identify and create innovative solutions that make mobile devices connect and work. Intrinsyc's unique knowledge enables companies to deliver winning mobile devices and solutions that build stronger and more successful businesses.

By leveraging Intrinsyc's mobile software products, engineering design services and systems integration expertise, customers make better decisions, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market. Since 1996, Intrinsyc has built a strong customer base and has formed solid alliances with many leading technology companies including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Philips, Siemens, General Electric, Hand Held Products, Texas Instruments and Ford.

The company's current strategic business initiative focuses on creating the world's leading alternative feature phone operating system based on Microsoft Windows CE. The purpose of this initiative is to deliver licensable software and tool extensions to help mobile phone manufacturers more efficiently design and deliver cost-effective handsets.

Intrinsyc is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with additional regional development offices in Bellevue, Washington, Birmingham, UK and Barbados.

Intrinsyc is a registered trademark of Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.

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