KUKA Powers Schleicher Electronic's ProNumeric Motion Control System

11/21/2005 - KUKA Controls, a leading provider of real-time extension technology for Windows® XP, advances its penetration of the real-time control market with the selection of its VxWin® software by Schleicher Electronic, an international leader in industrial automation. The new motion control system, ProNumeric, is an industrial computer-based, high-performance CNC/PLC which allows complex machining operations to be easily programmed and executed. VxWin offers significant advantages for PC-based control systems because it allows the use of standard real-time operating systems, Wind River Works® and Microsoft Windows® XP to operate unrestricted on a single open platform. Customers enjoy the benefits of fully developed, proven solutions with the assurance of future compatibility with next generations of VxWorks and Windows XP. This long-term availability of these operating systems represents an investment security and presents significant advantages in terms of competitiveness.

The high-performance ProNumeric automation system is the top-of-the-line model from Schleicher Electronic. It consists of a computer box and a remote control panel and is delivered as a fully configured, ready-to-run version. The hardware and software concept of the control system permits simple user operation. The single-processor system operating with VxWin, which combines VxWorks and Windows XP, provides a comprehensive and complete solution - all control tasks, from motion to processing to visual display. Once the Windows environment has booted, VxWorks starts up automatically and assumes control, while Windows XP executes the visual display tasks.

"In developing our industrial automation systems, we put our trust in the technology from KUKA Controls," emphasizes Uwe Jacob, Head of Technology at Schleicher Electronic. "Integrating VxWin into our ProNumeric system enables us to significantly reduce the level of development time. The developers can now focus on the features essential for competitive differentiation."

The strength of motion control systems depends on their performance, flexibility and range of available functions, and particularly on the user-friendliness of the software modules that control the drive technology. Compared with conventional solutions, PC-based motion control solutions score a hit thanks to their substantially higher level of user-friendliness. Gerd Lammers, Director of Sales and Marketing at KUKA Controls, explains: "Due to their open interfaces, PC systems allow a company's specific application know-how to be integrated quickly and seamlessly. Thanks to the VxWin technology, Schleicher control systems can exploit all the advantages of the PC technology, which has already been proven in over 80,000 real-time systems: the user friendliness of the Windows environment for visual display and operation in addition to the absolute stability ensured by the deterministic real-time operating system in the background."

Moreover, PC-based controls offer remote diagnosis and maintenance options and allow the installation of the commissioning tools from the drive manufacturers. The Schleicher ProNumeric links the CNC control system with a PLC in compliance with IEC 61131, ensuring flexibility and high performance and, in turn, clearly surpasses today's conventional control system combinations from a technological viewpoint.

About Schleicher Electronic
Schleicher Electronic was established in 1937 and, thanks to innovations such as the quartz-controlled timer, the multi-functional time relay and the integrated CNC/PLC solution, now ranks among the pioneers in automation technology. Today the company, which belongs to Wieland-Holding, develops and produces electronic components and system solutions for reliable automation. A key focus of the product range is the XCx family of fully integrated PLC/CNC control systems. The electronics range includes active system elements such as sequence, motion control and numeric control systems in addition to networking and visual display components. The successful implementation of customer-specific developments and complete system solutions is based on decades of experience, precision application engineering and the close working relationship fostered with customers. At the company base in Berlin, Schleicher constitutes the center of excellence for electronics and system engineering of the Wieland group of companies.

About KUKA Controls GmbH
KUKA Controls GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of KUKA Roboter GmbH, the number one European industrial robot manufacturer and a part of IWKA AG Group. KUKA Controls specializes in real-time software, operating systems, motion control, graphical user interfaces (GUI), handhelds, dynamic algorithms, PC-based hardware development and application programming. KUKA Controls globally markets real-time extension technology for automation and robotics as well as test and measurement instrumentation and medical devices and equipment. KUKA robot controllers are developed and produced for the parent company.

About KUKA Roboter GmbH
KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg is an IWKA Group company and is the worlds' leading manufacturer of PC-based industrial robots. The company's core competencies are the development, production and sales of industrial robots, controllers, software and linear units. KUKA is the market leader in both Germany and Europe and ranks 3rd worldwide. The KUKA Robot Group employs 1.650 people and is represented by over 20 subsidiaries in Europe, USA and Asia. In 2003, company sales were 420 million Euros.

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