Bang & Olufsen Creates TVs and Display Screens with DVS Technology

11/21/2005 - The leading manufacturer of high-end audio and video products develops TVs and display screens with the aid of DVS' CLIPSTER and ProntoHD.

The DVS systems are utilized by Bang & Olufsen in the development of HD ready consumer displays and television sets. For this B&O uses a CLIPSTER, a ProntoHD and a fibre channel storage unit. With this system, B&O is testing light sensors used to match the displayed output of a TV display to the ambient lighting conditions.

With the purchase the Danish manufacturer is well set up for the increased market demand for HD capable displays and its R&D department becomes "HD Ready".

Testing takes place in their "virtual living room" called the "Media Room". Here various light sources like daylight, twilight and internal lighting are simulated. Selected test personnel then judge the ability of the display on-test to adjust to various light settings. Calibrated video material is played out of the CLIPSTER to the on-test displays.

To achieve relevant results, a display must be tested in all the required HD formats and the CLIPSTER of course must be able to play those formats. The ability to switch quickly between the different HD rasters was one of the main demands for a play-out system. "We selected CLIPSTER from all other possible play-out solutions as it fitted best the criteria we'd set out," comments Per Bennetsen, responsible development engineer.

CLIPSTER's ability to scale multi-format video in real time makes format changing very simple.

Another strong argument for employing CLIPSTER is its capacity for processing uncompressed real-time video material. The displays at B&O show the uncompressed reference video signal and so highly accurate judgements on quality can be made. Also the transfer to the displays is made directly via CLIPSTER's DVI output, making intermediate converter equipment unnecessary.

For test preparation the B&O developers employ ProntoHD, DVS' digital disk recorder. The ProntoHD too plays the test sequences via the DVI interface directly to the displays on-test. The data for the tests is stored on a DVS fibre channel storage unit. This data can be accessed concurrently by both the CLIPSTER and the ProntoHD.

The sale of the B&O system was made by DVS' Danish reseller Kinovox A/S, based in Copenhagen.

"At B&O we wanted to upgrade our systems to HD and the DVS system has proven to be the right choice," says Per Bennetsen. "We like the uncomplicated operation of CLIPSTER and ProntoHD, for example, changing formats is very fast. This and the uncompressed real-time play-out give us many possibilities for our tests. And we can well imagine to use more of the overall CLIPSTER feature set in the future. With DVS systems, we feel well equipped for the challenges of the HD market."

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