Embedded Masterclass Technical Seminar Series to Go Global

11/21/2005 - Energi have announced that their Embedded Masterclass seminar series might be going global for 2006. Their series of Embedded Masterclass technical seminars have attracted the attention of companies in the US, Europe and even China. They are now in discussion with several industry players keen to benefit from the success of the unique Embedded Masterclass format.

"Technology vendors are starting to realise that it's very difficult to tear engineers away from their desk these days", said Richard Blackburn of Energi. "Indeed, I think engineers want a better experience when they visit industry events and I think the Embedded Masterclass offers this."

This week, the Embedded Masterclass took place in Cambridge(UK) and over 90 engineers from across the UK registered to attend. An impressive agenda included Cambridge hi-tech company NCT giving a presentation explaining DSP techniques that enable in-car voice technologies and Enea giving a presentation discussing the future requirements of operating systems for vehicle telematics and integrated control systems. In addition to the agenda of seven technical presentations, delegates had the opportunity to meet with key vendors in the automotive space such as Mathworks, Arcom, iSystem, Lauterbach, Plextek, Software Acumen, Polyhedra, IPL, LDRA, Xjtag and I-logix.

"We feel sure that the success of the Embedded Masterclass is simply the fact that engineers can get to learn about new embedded technology without having to listen to a sales pitch or enter into a sales discussion. We make sure the presentations are about the technology and that delegates get to meet with vendor engineers rather than sales staff. The feedback suggests that engineers are finding this type of atmosphere much more comfortable and a productive use of their valuable time," said Richard Blackburn.

Energi will soon be starting work to convert their current website into one of the key global websites for embedded engineers and will be starting work on a schedule of events covering high availability, medical and automotive for 2006.

www.embedded-masterclass.com for more information.

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