Aeroflex Speeds PXI-based Testing for RFICs and Mobile Handsets

11/16/2005 - As today's cellular phones and PDAs become capable of connection into wireless local area networks (WLAN), Aeroflex is keeping pace by releasing a new measurement suite for WLAN as well as expanding features of the existing GSM/EDGE measurement suite. These measurement suites for use with Aeroflex's PXI modular RF platform will help speed up testing during the development and manufacture of WLAN and cellular devices using a single Aeroflex test system. Aeroflex's modular RF platform achieves greater flexibility and speed than equivalent conventional rack-based test systems by leveraging the inherent benefits of PXI, an industry open standard for lower cost, higher speed instrumentation. PXI-based test systems for mobile handset manufacturing combined with easy-to-implement and speed-optimized measurement suites have accelerated test times by as much as five times.

"Using PXI technology has been key to our rapid development of new products," said Tim Carey, product manager, modular instruments, Aeroflex. "Frequent new product introductions from our PXI 3000 series platform will be customary for the foreseeable future as part of our planned development for products serving cellular and wireless access standards."

The Aeroflex PXI measurement suites for WLAN and GSM/EDGE will test all modulation formats of 802.11a, b and g WLAN or GSM/EDGE devices. The WLAN and GSM/EDGE measurement suites offer the ability to make a variety of spectrum, modulation and power measurements with a single PXI test system, saving valuable time and test resources. Both suites are options to the Aeroflex 3030 PXI RF digitizer family. The measurement suites complement the company's continually growing PXI test capabilities for WLAN and GSM/EDGE as well as other popular 2G and 3G standards. In the last three months, Aeroflex has introduced two new PXI RF signal generators, two new RF digitizers and three new measurement suites targeted at digital cellular and wireless access standards.

The Aeroflex WLAN Measurement Suite is being shown for the first time this week at Productronica, Germany and the 3G World Congress, Hong Kong. This software suite performs analysis of 802.11 a, b, g and PHY (physical layer) RF transmission parameters. The WLAN Measurement Suite expands the capability of the Aeroflex 3030 PXI RF digitizer to perform OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access) also known as multi-user OFDM, and DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) power, spectrum and modulation measurements in accordance with 802.11 standards. The WLAN Measurement Suite performs analysis of 802.11 RF transmission parameters by using digital IQ data derived from a RF digitizer. In conjunction with the Aeroflex 3030 PXI RF digitizer, the WLAN Measurement Suite allows precision characterization and alignment of RF transmitters.

The Aeroflex GSM/EDGE Measurement Suite is now extended to include receiver as well as transmitter testing. The latest features of GSM/EDGE software add receiver reference sensitivity (BER, class II RBER and FER) measurements using loopback methods as defined in ETSI standards. These features are additional to the analysis of GSM/EDGE transmission signal characteristics including average RF power, burst profile, modulation quality (phase error or error vector magnitude), frequency error and spectrum due to modulation and switching.

The Aeroflex WLAN Measurement Suite for PXI will be available in late December 2005. The Aeroflex GSM/EDGE Measurement Suite will be available in late November 2005. Aeroflex's PXI products can be ordered online or by contacting your local Aeroflex sales representative.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a global provider of high technology solutions to the aerospace, defence, cellular and broadband communications markets. The Company's diverse technologies allow it to design, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of test, measurement and microelectronic products. The Company's common stock trades on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol ARXX and is included in the S&P SmallCap 600 index.

About Aeroflex Test Solutions, Instruments Division
Staffed with experts in RF and microwave signal generation and processing subsystems, Aeroflex Test Solutions Group provides test and measurement systems, instruments, modules, services and integration support for the communications test, military, government and semiconductor industries. Aeroflex' solutions reflect a commitment to industry-accepted standards and the concept of modular product development. They encompass Communications test (public mobile radio, wireless cellular and telecom, military radio and avionics radio test), Signal sources (synthesizers, signal generators, signal analyzers and phase noise systems), General-purpose test (spectrum analyzers, microwave analyzers, bit error rate testers) and Systems (satellite, ATE, PXI and radar).

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