Technosoft Debuts Motor Control Kit with Source Code MATLAB Libraries

11/10/2005 - In order to improve the research and development activity and reduce the time to market for designer applications in the field of digital motor control, Technosoft offers the MCK2812 Kit C Pro-MS(BL) motor control kit. The kit represents a complete motor control development platform, and was designed to support MATLAB's automatic C code generation. Besides all needed hardware (motor, sensors, power inverter), users get complete development software, including the MATLAB system model and the complete DSP source code application for a brushless motor control.

Significant advantages provided by this professional kit include: automatic C code generation from MATLAB, visual modelling and simulation, and graphical tools for DSP system analysis. This is a 'plug-and-play' approach. Engineers get a ready-to-run platform for hardware and software setting-up, and for testing that all system functions work quickly, by simulation, code generation, download, and execution on the DSP system.

MCK2812 Kit C Pro-MS(BL) component list:

This kit allows users to start, develop and evaluate their projects immediately. They will discover how easy it is to control a brushless motor in sinusoidal mode, in terms of time and performance. Moreover, it represents an impressive and very efficient starting point for any advanced motion control application. Starting from the MATLAB-Simulink model, users can adapt the control model, simulate the system, then automatically generate the C code for their schematics. This code can be tested on DSP and, finally, the simulation results can be compared with the real control.

A similar package for induction motors is also available, the MCK2812 Kit C Pro-MS(IM).

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