WIN Enterprises Introduces MB-06049 PICMG 1.3 System Host Board

11/4/2005 - WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded controllers and platforms for OEMs, announces a full-size PICMG 1.3 form-factor design powered by the AMD OpteronTM processor that enables both 32- and 64-bit computing, protecting legacy software investments as organizations upgrade to true 64-bit applications at their own pace.

The MB-06049 features passive backplane systems design with plug-in high performance for some of the most demanding environments, including industrial automation, military, medical and telecom. WINís MB-06049 PICMG 1.3 SHB also features the NVIDIA nForce Professional 2200 chipset.

A HyperTransportTM interconnect system provides leading-edge I/O by enabling the additional integration of one or two dual-core processors on stackable boards. A 20-lane PCI Express slot is also featured.

Additional Features:

"Providing a high performance, easily upgradeable design based on the AMD Opteron processor enables WIN to fulfill the mission of PICMG 1.3," said Bill Cronin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of WIN Enterprises. "The idea is to limit the risk to the end-user organization. By supporting 32- and 64-bit applications at the same time, the WIN MB-06049 helps further this mission."

"WIN is taking an enterprise-class approach to providing their customers in high-end embedded markets with a standardized board and then taking it a step further with leading-edge AMD64 technology," said David Rich, director of 64-bit embedded markets at AMD. "By adhering to the standards of PICMG 1.3 and also incorporating the future-proof capabilities of AMD64, WINís customers are poised to take advantage of multiple industry standards in their embedded systems. Simple upgrades to multi-core and wide-ranging operating system and application support can broaden the market for their designs.

Pricing and Availability
Evaluation products are available now with production volumes in January 2006. Typical prices are:

About WIN Enterprises, Inc.
WIN Enterprises is a product development company that designs and manufactures customized x86-based embedded systems and embedded controllers / motherboards. Founded in 1991, WIN Enterprises has developed several reference designs for leading microprocessor companies, as well as customized set-top boxes, rack-mounted appliances, and other electronic products for OEMs. WIN Enterprises has facilities in the United States, Taiwan, China, Italy, and India Ė which enables cost-effective design, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for corporations around the world.

Corporate Headquarters
WIN Enterprises, Inc.
300 Willow St. South
N. Andover, MA 01845

European Sales Office
WIN Enterprises (EMEA) SpA
5, Via Borgogna
20100 Milan Ė ITALY

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