MicroController Pros Announces MSP430 Development Tools Promotion

11/4/2005 - MicroController Pros Corporation and Softbaugh, Inc. have entered into an agreement that provides substantial savings on selected development boards and tool bundles for Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers exclusively to customers of the MicroControllerShop.

Development boards and tool bundles of the FT series are discounted by 30% off regular retail prices.

The three development boards of the FT series are based on the MSP430F169 microcontroller and feature: RS232, USB, coin cell battery back-up with supervisor IC for uninterrupted switching between USB and battery power, JTAG header , BST (bootloader) header, 4 LEDs, 2 user switches, prototyping area and IDC headers for access to all MSP430 pins.

The boards differ in the way the USB interface is connected to the MSP430 microcontroller: The FT232's USB interface chip connects to the MSP430's integrated UART, the FT245's USB connects to a MSP430 parallel port (FIFO interface); and the FT2232 version allows you to connect the USB either to the MSP430's UART or a parallel port.

All three boards are available standalone or as bundles that include either a parallel- or a USB-port JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer that supports all MSP430 microcontrollers and is compatible with TI's free MSP430 Kickstart software.

Development boards and tool bundles of the BFT series are discounted by 10% off regular retail prices. The two development boards of the BFT series are also based on the MSP430F169 microcontroller, but come in a DIP module form-factor that allows you to plug it into solderless breadboards or your own board design for rapid prototyping. The boards feature USB (BFT245: parallel port; BFT232: UART), JTAG connector, voltage supervisor, 32kHz Xtal (for low speed oscillator) and LED on pin P1.0.

Both the BFT245 and BFT232 boards are also available as bundles with either a parallel- or a USB-port MSP430 JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer.

About MicroController Pros Corp.
MicroController Pros Corp. offers the world's largest online selection of microcontroller and embedded systems development tools. The MicroControllershop.com puts convenient and secure online shopping, feature- and price-comparison on engineer's computer desktop. Microcontroller Development Tools featured at the MicroControllerShop include: Emulators, development boards, in-circuit debuggers and programmers, universal chip programmers, microcontroller C- compilers, Assemblers; emulator accessories, pin adapters, pin converters, starter kits, test & measurement equipment, and books for the major microcontroller architectures and manufacturers.

About Softbaugh
Softbaugh, Inc. is a leading supplier of a variety of development tools for Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers and C2000 DSPs. Tools offered include development boards, JTAG in-circuit debuggers and programmers, and programming software. Softbaugh also offers design and software development services for rapid prototyping, design & manufacturing testing, and PC business software and web server applications.

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