Acrosser Technology Develops AR-B1673 ISA Fanless Solution

11/1/2005 - Acrosser Technology introduces AR-B1673, the latest ISA fanless solution, featuring Battery Backup SRAM and on-board SDRAM and offering the following features:

Fanless Solution
AR-B1673 is equipped with VIA Eden 600MHz CPU and therefore is an ideal fanless ISA solution.

Battery Backup SRAM
To prevent certain data and settings from being lost under unexpected power loss, which is very important in gaming or military applications, AR-B1673 is equipped with battery backup SRAM and would be able to store those important information without the power on. In addition, this design has other advantages such as the faster access speed of SRAM, and the long life of onboard battery.

Onboard SDRAM
Itís critical to remain stable under harsh environment for most industrial applications. To prevent the potential problem caused by vibration, which is an issue for traditional memory socket, AR-B1673 is designed to be equipped with onboard SDRAM and therefore has significantly lower failure rate.

AR-B1673 is equipped with AGP 4X and supports 18-bit TTL/LVDS LCD, therefore it is well capable of providing graphics in good quality.

Optional Protect U
Using unique encryption algorithm, Protect U would be able to provide ultimate security to the application software, preventing it from being illegally copied and implemented on other hardware platforms.

About Acrosser
Founded in 1987, Acrosser is one of the world-leading industrial computer manufacturers. Acrosser provides not only quality products, but complete solutions for various applications such as Networking, Industrial Automation, Gaming, Medical, and POS/POI/KIOSK/ATM.

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