Triton VXS-1 Delivers 16x Improvement in Digital to Analog Resolution

10/26/2005 - TEK Microsystems, Inc. of Chelmsford MA and QinetiQ of Malvern, UK announced the new Triton VXS-1, the first product to combine FPGA technology with a 12-bit, 2.0 GSPS (giga samples per second) DAC (digital to analog converter) and a 10-bit 2.0 GSPS ADC (analog to digital converter). Triton VXS-1 provides a 16x improvement in currently available resolution for demanding signal processing applications. The new 6U VME/VXS payload card is the first to provide both ADC and DAC on the same card. This allows radar, beamforming, electronic warfare and electronics counter measures developers to design solutions that operate in noisier environments. In addition, the digital processing system moves closer to the front end of the overall system thus eliminating unreliable RF components.

“Triton’s architecture takes full advantage of all of latest technologies and opens up new applications solutions for military system developers. With this advanced level of frequency resolution developers can now build systems with higher recognition accuracies,” comments Dr. Bill Smith of the QinetiQ Real Time Embedded Systems group. “The use of FPGA technology allows customers to build systems closely optimized to their specific needs. Combined with the reduced costs and improved reliability provided by eliminating RF components, Triton is a milestone product for high performance signal processing applications.”

Andrew Reddig, president and CTO of TEK Microsystems, Inc. adds, “Triton adds another powerful component to our arsenal of military signal processing solutions. We are creating advanced systems designed with a combination of Triton ADC/DCA boards and JazzFiber PMCs that are ideal for streaming I/O and demanding signal processing applications. In combination with our QinetiQ partners, our customers get access to pre-integrated signal processing cores. By taking advantage of QinetiQ’s run-time parameterizable FFT, Digital Filter and Digital Receiver cores we eliminate the need for custom FPGA development and can dramatically reduce development time. It’s a win for ease of development and for performance.”

Triton VXS-1 combines high signal bandwidth with fully integrated on-board FPGA processing to provide an optimum solution for signal processing applications. Using the world’s fastest ADCs and DACs from Atmel provides improved performance capabilities that are especially effective in ‘noisier’ signal environments where jamming or high levels of interference may occur. Enhanced channel-to-channel synchronization between Triton and multiple Neptune 2 cards supports applications requiring up to 32 channels to remain coherent to within one sample. The precise synchronization between ADC and DAC channels means that active systems can have very low latency between the sampled input and the corresponding output. This benefits electronic warfare and radar system designers as the phase jitter on output signals will be reduced, leading to higher-fidelity transmitted signals.

Triton VXS-1 is part of the QinetiQ Quixilica VXS family of FPGA based processing hardware which provides a complete range of flexible analog and digital I/O products in the VITA 41.0 VXS form factor. VXS adds a high-speed P0 connector to VME boards to support switched fabric interconnects such as InfiniBand, Serial RapidIO and PCI Express along with low latency point-to-point links such as Serial FPDP and VITA 55. Triton couples the world’s highest performance ADCs/DACs with a scalable FPGA based processing architecture. Memory and inter-processor communications resources have been optimized to address the requirements of very high performance real time digital signal processing applications. Together TEK Microsystems and QinetiQ provide a range of development kits, FPGA cores, software and system platforms required for maximum development efficiency.

TEK Microsystems will integrate Triton VXS-1 cards into its advanced signal processing and data recording systems and will market Triton VXS-1 directly through its distribution channels in the USA and Canada. The Triton VXS-1 is available now from TEK Microsystems with delivery 60 days ARO. Pricing starts at $31,000 for single unit quantities.

About TEK Microsystems, Inc.
Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, TEK Microsystems, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced high-performance boards and systems for embedded real-time computing systems. Tekmicro’s comprehensive product line includes advanced carrier boards based on widely adopted industry standards and more than 30 PMC/XMC cards. These products are used in real-time systems designed for data acquisition, instrumentation, control systems and signal processing in customer applications such as reconnaissance, signals intelligence, satellite telemetry, mine detection, medical imaging, radar, sonar, semiconductor inspection and seismic research.

Under a commercial alliance TEK Microsystems and QinetiQ jointly develop, market and sell high performance carrier, payload, PMC/XMC, and computer boards in the United States.

About QinetiQ
QinetiQ (pronounced ki’ ne tik) is Europe’s largest science and technology solutions company with unrivalled expertise in the defense and security sectors. Founded In July 2001 from the majority of DERA (Defense Evaluation and Research Agency) the laboratories of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, QinetiQ employs nearly 10,000 people, including many of the UK's leading scientists and internationally acclaimed experts. QinetiQ operates in markets as diverse as defense, security, automotive, information technology, health, aerospace, rail, telecommunications, electronics, space, marine, energy and oil & gas.

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