SofTec Microsystems Upgrades AK-ST7FMC Motor Control Starter Kit

10/21/2005 - SofTec Microsystems has released a new version of the system software of the AK-ST7FMC Starter Kit. The new software version supports single-, bi- and three-phase AC motors (including permanent magnet AC motors) and three-phase DC motors, in various control topologies.

The AK-ST7FMC Starter Kit (developed together with STMicroelectronics) is an integrated system designed to provide the user with a complete, ready-to-use motor control application. The Starter Kit is built around the STMicroelectronics ST7FMC microcontroller, which has a built-in, dedicated motor control peripheral. This peripheral is particularly suited to drive brushless motors (either induction or permanent magnet types). The Starter Kit demonstrates how effectively the ST7FMC family of microcontrollers can be used in real-world motor control applications.

The Starter Kit hardware is composed of a Motor Control board, a three-phase, permanent-magnet, brushless DC (BLDC) motor, plus an in-circuit debugger board and an optoisolation board.

The Motor Control board has a built-in power stage and is capable of directly driving both AC and DC motors. A complete, integrated development environment is provided, which allows you to write your own software, download it to the ST7FMC microcontroller and debug it.

The AK-ST7FMC Starter Kit includes:

The Starter Kit is available for ordering with an end-user price of $695.

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