Real-Time Innovations Creates Framework for Pervasive Data Management

10/19/2005 - Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI), the leading provider of software tools and middleware for distributed real-time systems, has assembled a software framework for managing distributed data systems. RTI's newly acquired infrastructure software for real-time information management systems, currently named SkyBoard, combines Oracle/TimesTen's In-Memory Database, distributed database synchronization technology and RTI's Network Data Distribution Service (NDDS) middleware. The result is a Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) database system that operates across an extendable network without the access bottlenecks associated with a central server-based model.

Database Caching
The Oracle/TimesTen In-Memory Database allows workstations to keep complete copies of a database's data store units in local memory, reducing the need to move data to and from a disk during operations. The result is fast data access on the order of 35,000 transactions per second.

RTI's technology synchronizes database copies on multiple nodes, creating a distributed database rather than a central server. This enables fast access throughout a distributed system, independent of the number of network nodes. It allows optimized access to data regardless of its source and provides massive scalability for the network utilizing the database. RTI's database synchronization technology also virtually eliminates server bottlenecks while providing fault tolerance. With the data available on multiple nodes at any given time, a failure at one node will neither damage data integrity or impede data access at any other system node.

RTI's NDDS 4.0 is the communication middleware that connects the various elements. NDDS uses a DCPS model that simplifies complex, high-performance data distribution while controlling the quality-of-service (QoS) parameters needed for real-time applications. Publishers register with the middleware the data they will be creating while subscribers register the data they are interested in receiving, then the middleware handles data distribution as data is published.

The infrastructure includes an industry-standard SQL interface through the use of ODBC libraries. This simplifies application development and combines data from disparate systems for real-time or post processing and analysis.

Pervasive Data
Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Real-Time Innovations' chief technology officer, noted, "Computers are now a part of everyday life. Pervasive computing has changed our world. The next revolution is combining pervasive computers with ready networking to create pervasive data-the ability to access information anywhere anytime."

With SkyBoard, RTI combines standards-based Data Distribution Service (DDS) publish-subscribe networking and SQL-based databases into a seamless, distributed data-management system. By combining DDS and databases, RTI connects embedded systems with the Enterprise. RTI's data management system provides high-performance data communication, collection storage and access. SkyBoard delivers the data where and when it is needed. SkyBoard also saves data as long as it is needed and provides it to the Enterprise when required. RTI is providing the first commercial infrastructure for truly pervasive data.

Price and Availability
RTI's NDDS solution with SkyBoard for Solaris, Linux and Windows (beta version) is immediately available from RTI in the U.S. to developers starting at $75,930 USD. SkyBoard includes all software elements (DDS APIs as well as the SQL/ODBC APIs), three developer toolkits for SkyBoard, and a four-day product-training program. Extended training on developing distributed database systems is available. End-user implementations that incorporate the SkyBoard solution will involve added per-node royalties. NDDS can be purchased separately for $46,920 (three developer toolkits).

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) provides communications middleware and tools for data critical applications. RTI delivers an unequalled competitive advantage to customers and industry partners building real-time distributed systems used in applications such as national railway management, air traffic control, traffic monitoring, mission-critical combat systems and industrial automation. The world's most successful companies, as well as the U.S. Military rely on RTI for software infrastructure products and consultancy services within a standards-based COTS platform environment. Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1991, RTI employs over 60 people worldwide and is a privately-held company.

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Real-Time Innovations, 3975 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054, Tel: 408-200-4700, Fax: 408-200-4702.

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Real-Time Innovations, 109-111, rue des Cotes, 78600 Maisons-Laffitte, France, Tel: +33 (0) 1 34 93 34 13, Fax: +33 (0) 1 34 93 34 14.

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