ITTIA Adds MontaVista Linux Support to db.* Embedded Database

10/14/2005 - Finding the best platform for embedded development is a challenge, and mistakes are very costly. Developers have to manage such decisions as ease of development, speed, footprint size and cost. The combination of the db.* embedded database and the fast, flexible and easy-to-use MontaVista Linux OS creates an ideal development platform for alternative and resource-constrained devices.

MontaVista provides a rich feature set, while allowing for a scalable ROM/RAM footprint necessary for development in resource-constrained environments. db.* is highly compatible with this environment by providing tight control of resource allocation, and data layouts. Bottlenecks are minimized or eliminated by caching frequently-accessed or time-critical data. And full control is given to the developer to internally manage the database.

Because both db.* and MontaVista allow for this fine level of customization, the combination of these two top-tier products gives developers the power to build applications that run smoothly on any target hardware.

Contributing to the cross-platform capability of these two products are the cross-compile tools built into MontaVista Linux and db.*. The MontaVista cross-compile tool chain allows the developer to design and code their application on a host development platform, and then easily build and transfer it to a target embedded system for testing or deployment.

However, without proper documentation and support, such technical capabilities are of little use. High-quality databases are necessarily complex, and ITTIA's db.* documentation provides excellent instruction and tutorials on how to effectively utilize the database management system. When a particularly difficult development issue comes up, Club ITTIA technical support and consulting services can help developers take their application to the next level of speed, quality and scalability.

"We partnered with MontaVista because our solutions are uniquely matched to create the best platform for embedded development," said Sasan Montaseri, president of ITTIA. "We're very pleased to present this solution to the rapidly-growing embedded development market."

ITTIA is offering a free web seminar for the MontaVista community, inviting them to learn about our technical offering as well as our partner program. Join ITTIA's engineering team this Thursday, October 13 for a live 45 minute web seminar about cross-compiling db.* on MontaVista Linux. More information, including how to register is available at:

For more information about ITTIA, go More information about MontaVista Linux is available at

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