Tundra Semiconductor Samples Tsi564A Serial RapidIO Switch

10/14/2005 - Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, further expanded its family of serial RapidIO switches with the delivery of the Tsi564A serial RapidIO switch. Launched in May 2005, the Tsi564A joins the Tsi568ATM as the industry's only available serial RapidIO switches. Both switches deliver the performance, power and configurability that designers need to build RapidIO interconnect in their high performance systems for a broad spectrum of communications, video, imaging and networking applications.

In addition to having a small footprint, the Tsi564A offers low power, multiple port-widths and speed configurations, making it ideally suited for applications where power, cost and board space are primary concerns. This switch interconnects serial RapidIO-enabled processors and peripheral devices, supporting an aggregate bandwidth of 40 gigabits per second. Based on the Serial RapidIO Specification, the Tsi564A incorporates SerDes functionality, error recovery, priority-based and table-based fabric routing and high payload efficiency. The Tsi564A is offered in a 21mm x 21mm package with a Pb-free (lead-free) variant.

Performance, Power and Configurability Customers Need for Next-Generation Systems
Tundra's leadership role in bringing serial RapidIO to market and the increase in momentum of the number of serial RapidIO products available in the marketplace was demonstrated by the recent recognition of the Tsi564A by EETimes on it's quarterly Ultimate Products Top Ten List issued October 3, 2005. The Tsi564A received reader endorsement for being a key addition to the Tundra portfolio of RapidIO switches delivering the performance, power and configurability designers need to build high performance RapidIO-enabled applications. Technical editors for the eeProductCenter nominate products named to the list and finalists are chosen through input solicited from up to 1,000 targeted product users.

"We're pleased to see general sampling of Tundra's high performance Tsi564A serial RapidIO switch. It is a great addition to the RapidIO ecosystem and reflects Tundra's on-going leadership in both RapidIO technology and switch fabric interconnect," said Todd Wynia, VP Marketing at Artesyn Technologies. "The combination of current customer demand and the availability of Tundra's serial RapidIO switches further extends the reach of RapidIO connectivity and builds market momentum for this exciting technology."

Interoperability with Industry-Leading Processors and FPGAs
"The combination of the Tundra Tsi564A switch with Freescale's PowerQUICC III processors with RapidIO technology brings high-speed, reliable network systems to life," said Jeff Timbs, Marketing Director for Freescale Semiconductor's Digital Systems Division. "This interoperable solution, along with the availability of the Tundra serial RapidIO development platform, reduces risk for developers looking to design with serial RapidIO technology. Our joint telecom infrastructure, storage and enterprise networking customers can configure multiple performance, power and cost options that take advantage of RapidIO technology."

"Both the availability of the Tsi564A serial RapidIO switch and its seamless interoperability with Altera's serial RapidIO IP core and FPGAs are welcomed by our communications customers requiring high-performance DSP co-processing and system interconnect," says Arun Iyengar, Senior Director, Wireless Business Unit at Altera Corporation. "Altera and Tundra continue to strengthen the RapidIO ecosystem with the addition of new products and solutions that deliver the performance, reliability and flexibility our mutual customers are looking for in RapidIO-enabled applications."

Comprehensive Design Tools and Support
Tundra provides industry-leading design support tools that allow designers to easily evaluate all of the Tsi564A's features and benefits. In addition, with the availability of both applications engineering support and the Tundra Serial RapidIO Development Platform, designers can access flexible and rapid prototyping - saving time and resources, resulting in faster time to market for their systems.

"The general availability of the Tsi564A and our recently announced serial RapidIO development platform have brought greater interoperability and depth to the RapidIO ecosystem. By interconnecting DSPs, PowerQUICC IIIs, and FPGAs, customers have immediate access to a complete design environment to architect their next-generation RapidIO-based systems," said Rick O'Connor, CTO and Vice President, Product Management at Tundra.

The Tundra Tsi564A is now available through Tundra's worldwide sales network. Documentation, including ordering information, user manuals, and software drivers, is available at www.tundra.com. Volume pricing for the Tsi564A is under $59 USD. The Tsi564A is available in both standard and lead-free packages for industrial and commercial temperature ranges.

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) delivers standards-based System Interconnect for use by the world's leading vendors of wireless infrastructure, networking, storage and pervasive computing systems. Tundra System Interconnect allows customers to link critical system components while compressing development cycles and maximizing performance.

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