SYSGO Rolls Out PikeOS v1.3 Operating System Virtualization Platform

10/13/2005 - SYSGO announced version 1.3 of PikeOS, the companies’ operating system virtualization platform. PikeOS provides operating system APIs for Linux, POSIX, OSEK, Ada, (Real-Time-) Java and ITRON that can run simultaneously on one single CPU in a secure environment. PikeOS is available for PowerPC, x86, ARM und MIPS architectures and can be easily adapted to other hardware platforms. PikeOS v1.3 is available starting today.

Since its introduction in early 2005 PikeOS has gained a lot of attention worldwide and already has been designed in several projects in the automotive, consumer and automotive area. "Our investment into the development of PikeOS is already paying off", said Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO. "More and more companies look for solutions allowing to combine Linux with real-time and safety-critical applications – with PikeOS and our proven Linux competence we are well positioned."

The advantages of this technology are clear: Software components from multiple suppliers can more easily and more safely be integrated in their own partition. The work of multiple controllers can now be combined onto a single CPU, thereby consolidating the hardware platforms. Proprietary software that has been running reliably for many years can be combined with new functionality (i.e. Linux) in a second partition without any significant modifications – an elegant migration path that opens up the future.

About PikeOS
PikeOS is operating system platform based on the principle of software partitioning allowing to use more than one operating system at the same time. The foundation of PikeOS is a powerful real-time operating system, based on the latest microkernel technology. Above the microkernel, the system software implements multiple software partitions on a single CPU, with strict separation between them. Each partition can run an entire operating system such as Linux, POSIX and OSEK or application programs. The multi-OS PikeOS was developed in Germany to the highest safety standards and is perfectly prepared for future technology advances. Codeo is the Eclipse-based development environment for PikeOS, offering additional plugins for system configuration and analysis as well as comfortable application development.

SYSGO provides software solutions for Industrial Systems and Embedded Devices. The company’s product and service offering is focussed on the so-called "system software" (a. k. a. Firmware, Operating System, Device Drivers etc.) – one of the most important building blocks in any successful embedded project. It‘s the glue between the raw hardware and the upper application software layers. Here important decisions affecting the performance, stability and costs of a product are made. In this area SYSGO covers everything from the basic firmware to the operating system and up to the related middleware, thus providing the foundation for successful application development.

All this made SYSGO a leading company for safety-critical system software and Embedded Linux in Europe with 70 employees in 6 offices in Germany, France, Sweden and Czech Republic. Among its customers you will find OEMs like Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, Rockwell-Collins, EADS, Rheinmetall or Raytheon and hardware-vendors like Motorola, MEN, NEC or Kontron.

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