SYSGO Joins Automotive Open Systems Architecture (AUTOSAR) Alliance

10/7/2005 - SYSGO AG announced that it has become an Associate Member of the Automotive Open Systems Architecture (AUTOSAR) alliance. SYSGO will provide AUTOSAR-compliant interfaces to its PikeOS real time operating system.

AUTOSAR is a partnership of key players in the automotive, electronics and software industries. Core partners of AUTOSAR are BMW, Bosch, Continental, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, PSA, Siemens VDO, Toyota and Volkswagen. The objective of the group is the establishment of an open standard for an automotive Electric/Electronics architecture that will serve as a basic infrastructure for the management of functions within applications embedded in vehicles. One component of the standardisation effort is the AUTOSAR Runtime Environement (RTE), defining basic functionalities like the operating system.

"PikeOS v1.3 was already developed based on key requirements of the AUTOSAR Runtime Environements (RTE), like software partitioning" said Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO AG. "Complementary to the AUTOSAR standardisation effort, software certification becomes more and more important in the automotive industry – due to our experience in the avionics area we’re ready to meet these requirements."

SYSGO provides software solutions for Industrial Systems and Embedded Devices. The company’s product and service offering is focussed on the so-called "system software" (also known as Firmware, Operating System, Device Drivers etc.) – one of the most important building blocks in any successful embedded project. It‘s the glue between the raw hardware and the upper application software layers. Here important decisions are made, which affect the performance, stability and costs of a product. In this area SYSGO covers everything from the basic firmware to the operating system and up to the related middleware, thus providing the foundation for successful application development.

All this made SYSGO a leading company for safety-critical system software and Embedded Linux in Europe with 70 employees in 6 offices in Germany, France, Sweden and Czech Republic. Among our customers you’ll find OEMs like Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, Rockwell-Collins, Rheinmetall, EADS or Raytheon and hardware-vendors like Motorola, NEC or Kontron.

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