CollabNet Team Edition Targets Small and Mid-Sized Development Teams

10/4/2005 - CollabNet, the leading provider of on-demand distributed development solutions, announced CollabNet Team Edition, an extension of the company's popular CollabNet Enterprise Edition used by more than 400,000 software developers worldwide. CollabNet Team Edition extends cost-savings and reduced time-to-market advantages to the legions of managers, engineers, and quality assurance teams in smaller organizations and workgroups that are seeking to deliver software and systems that are on-time, on-budget, and on-target.

Until now, CollabNet solutions have been deployed by corporations and large development communities, such as, that seek to streamline large-scale software development and application lifecycle management processes. CollabNet Team Edition is ideal for groups of five to 50 programmers that do not have the time or resources to create their own collaborative development environment from the ground up. Users signup at and gain instant access to a powerful suite of enterprise-class development tools that integrate version control with issue tracking and a host of supporting collaboration tools for knowledge and communication management.

"QS Labs is using CollabNet Team Edition methodologies for code management and version control to enable efficient development of our compliance process management solutions," said Joe Lindsay, President of QS Labs, Inc. "CollabNet services align extremely well with the rigorous software validation requirements that are expected of us by both the FDA and our customer base, and as such, CollabNet Team Edition is a core component of QS Labs' product and process validation programs," Lindsay concluded.

CollabNet Team Edition is a secure, on-demand collaborative development environment that brings dynamic communication, cooperation, and coordination to team members by aligning and aggregating people, projects, and processes. With Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery, team members access the CollabNet environment from any Web browser.

"With midsize companies and divisions of large organizations continuing to focus on their core competencies and reduce the cost of running applications, spending on Software as a Service will reach over $9 billion worldwide by 2008," said Amy Konary, program director for software pricing, licensing, and delivery at IDC. "CollabNet has not only responded to this midmarket opportunity through the release of CollabNet Team Edition, but has also provided smaller groups of software developers with the option to experience Software as a Service."

CollabNet Team Edition is a centralized yet exceptionally flexible on-demand environment that can be provisioned immediately. Unlike costly, custom-integrated development tools that are deployed on-site in support of proprietary environments, CollabNet Team Edition supports popular development tools, technologies, and processes. The new service is agnostic to development tools such as proprietary IDEs, technologies such as .NET and Java, and processes such as agile and extreme development without requiring retraining or project resets.

"CollabNet has been securely provisioning some of industry's most sensitive and valuable information since 1999, saving tens of millions of dollars in the cost of software development while achieving faster times-to-market and better end products," said Bill Portelli, President and CEO of CollabNet. "These clients tell us that CollabNet is revolutionizing how their project teams develop software that is better aligned with their business needs. Now, with SaaS delivery, we're bringing the same securely provisioned, flexible process methodologies, Web-based tools, and business framework to millions of programmers in smaller development teams around the world."

Pricing and Availability
CollabNet Team Edition is priced at $65 per user, per month. CollabNet is currently offering a free 30-day trial for new teams. See for more information. As project teams grow in size and scope, CollabNet Team Edition enables easy migration to CollabNet Enterprise Edition, where teams can access more comprehensive project management and administrative functions.

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