YOGITECH Creates Automated Mixed-Signal Verification Component Kit

10/4/2005 - YOGITECH launches a highly integrated and automated verification component kit that goes beyond the limits of traditional mixed-signal verification solutions drastically reducing verification time and increasing verification quality.

In fact, in the standard approach to verification of mixed-signal circuits, environments and methodologies are separated for analogue and digital parts with a lack of control on the process and strong efforts for repetitive jobs. Moreover, stimuli are defined at a very low abstraction level, results collection and data analysis are mainly based on waveform handling and simulation scenarios are built uniquely on designer's experience.

Mixed-Signal Verification Kit goes far beyond these limits extending the most advanced techniques for functional dynamic verification to analogue circuits, applying to mixed-signal design concepts like stimuli pseudo-randomization, coverage analysis, scoreboards and regressions.

It is an extensible, easy configurable, ready to use set of components to drive, monitor and elaborate current and voltage signals together with a relevant set of coverage items. Checks and test scenarios for most common analogue blocks such as DC-DC converters, comparators and oscillators are also included. A graphical interface allows a simplified configuration and enables an easy implementation of different test scenarios. Mixed-Signal Verification Kit works with both spice-level description and high-level modeled DUT and with all Specman Elite's supported mixed-signal simulators. It can be used to verify mixed-signal circuits or fully analogue cells, both at module and top level.

“Working with our clients throughout the years we realized the limits and the problems they have to bear with verification of mixed-signal circuits.” Says Silvano Motto, CEO of YOGITECH. “Therefore, I'm delighted of our innovative solution that will help them solve their problems because it's the result of an intense Research and Development that combines our whole expertise. YOGITECH invites all the companies interested to contact us.”

YOGITECH is a company with proven experience in System-on-Chip design & verification and in fault-tolerant integrated circuits. Founded in 2000, YOGITECH is leveraging a unique expertise in Specman Elite. Sponsor Member of OCP-IP, YOGITECH is active member of the Cadence OpenChoice Program, and ARM Technology Access Partner. YOGITECH offers a catalogue of eRM Verification Components to shorten time-to production of IPs and systems based on standard protocols like ATAPI, CAN and LIN and OCP, successfully adopted by major semiconductor companies in Europe, US and Asia.

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