Ronetix Updates PEEDI JTAG Emulator Firmware for ARM7, ARM9 Processors

10/4/2005 - Ronetix announced the availability of the new firmware for its high speed, low cost JTAG Emulator for ARM7 and ARM9 based micro controllers. PEEDI (Powerful Embedded Ethernet Interface) supports native GNU gdb and provides a very high real download speed - more than 400Kbytes/s. The new PEEDI can control up to 4 cores/targets at the same time (extra license required). The emulator can start, stop and single-step each of the cores/targets simultaneously or individually.

It has a built-in telnet interface for simple debugging and target flash programming. Its built-in fast Flash Programmer now supports over 780 Flash devices as well as AT91SAM7 and offers a set of new useful features like auto FLASH program after target detect. PEEDI now supports up to 4 flash devices per target mapped at different addresses.

New firmware permits a cable length of 35cm (with some boards even 45cm) at 33MHz.

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About Ronetix
Ronetix is a company specializing in JTAG emulation tools and debugger for ARM7 and ARM9 based MCUs. The company supplies complete software toolkits, intelligent debug probes and development boards for the ARM7 and ARM9 technology implementations. The Company headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. For sales information on Ronetix's products contact

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