Quality Management Systems Lead PDSi to TL9000 Registration

1/28/2005 - Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PDSi) (AMEX: PNS) announced that it has received TL9000 registration for its company-wide quality management systems. NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. granted the registration.

"This registration recognizes that our quality management systems meet the rigorous requirements for participation in the telecommunications equipment industry," said Christopher L. Winslow, President and COO. "By meeting these requirements, PDSi can better support its clients in this important market segment through expanded product lifecycle service offerings to include those critical elements where TL9000 support is essential."

The TL9000 series, developed by the members of the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum, including representatives from Alcatel, Nortel, Fujitsu, Motorola, SBC, Sprint and Verizon, among others, sets forth guidelines and requirements for quality system design for the telecommunications industry. This standard is intended for use by organizations involved in the design, production, installation, and servicing of telecommunications equipment as well as the design, development and provision of related services. Other criteria for earning registration status include good management practices, thorough quality planning, effective communications and prevention of errors.

"Our quality management systems affect every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we meet our clients' quality goals, the telecommunications industry's quality goals and that we provide a consistently high level of service," said John Bair, Chairman and CEO. "Our achievement of TL9000 registration recognizes the caliber of our personnel, strength of our training programs and procedural integrity of our entire quality management process. It also demonstrates the commitment and dedication our company has to ensuring that our quality policies are clear, streamlined, thoroughly documented, communicated and audited."

About PDSi
PDSi provides product lifecycle service solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the medical, telecommunications, aerospace, imaging and computer equipment industries, among others. PDSi offers a full range of computer and computer-related product development and manufacturing services to increase product speed to market and engineered product life, and service and support solutions for units in the field through comprehensive product lifecycle management programs encompassing depot repair, advanced exchange, contact center support and end-of-life control. For more information, visit the PDSi Website at www.pinnacle.com.

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