Toshiba Selects Celoxica's C-based ESL Design and Synthesis Tools

1/28/2005 - Celoxica, the leading provider of C-based electronic system level (ESL) design and synthesis solutions, announced an agreement with Toshiba Corporation to provide its DK Design Suite of C-based ESL design and synthesis tools for application design and development using Toshiba's Media Embedded Processor (MeP) digital media SoC. The multi-year deal covers C-based design entry, simulation, co-simulation and synthesis, as well as development hardware, through the availability of a MeP RapidPlatform developers' kit, and worldwide marketing and promotion in key market segments.

By combining design technology from Celoxica and Toshiba, MeP designers are now able to rapidly create unique, custom instructions from C algorithms. These custom instructions improve system functionality and performance through the addition of dedicated hardware for signal processing tasks used in applications such as very high-end gaming video controllers and video encoders.

Complete system simulation between custom IP and library IP is enabled through a dedicated co-simulation framework that unites Celoxica's DK simulator, Toshiba's MeP ISS and RTL simulators. Critically, the hardware implementation code generated by the DK Design Suite is directly equivalent to the source simulation models, dramatically reducing design risk and the burden of verification.

"MeP provides a powerful and flexible digital-media SoC platform and it is necessary that our development flow and tool chain is also powerful and flexible,"said Tohru Furuyama, Ph.D., general manager, SoC research and development center, Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Company. "We chose to work with Celoxica as it has the proven tools in C-based design and synthesis that enables our internal and external customers to design more quickly, with lower risk."

To support customer usage of the combined Celoxica/ Toshiba design flow for MeP a dedicated MeP developers kit is also being provided as part of the agreement. The MeP RapidPlatform developers kit is a complete out-of-the-box hardware/ software solution for MeP rapid prototyping, design and development. The kit contains the design software, a high-performance, high-density, feature-rich, FPGA-based Celoxica RC300MeP development platform, complete with a pre-configured and pre-loaded Toshiba MeP Core. TFT touch screen and multimedia I/O is provided as standard as are board support libraries for the very extensive RC300MeP peripherals, MeP core instantiation and MeP to hardware communication.

"The agreement is the dividend of joint engineering and business development between Toshiba and Celoxica and extends the flexibility and performance that the MeP's configurable and extensible architecture offers," said Phil Bishop, CEO of Celoxica. "Toshiba's commitment and vision for a high-level C-based design approach is a testament to the maturity of Celoxica's ESL solution and is an example of ESL's effectiveness in the design of complex SoC's."

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