StarGen Sponsors Advanced Switching Educational Seminars

1/27/2005 - StarGen, a developer of serial interconnect semiconductors, announced its sponsorship of a series of seminars to educate system designers, architects and technology managers about the features and applications of Advanced Switching (ASI). Advanced Switching extends the PCI Express tree topology to a switch fabric architecture incorporating the best features of high performance proprietary fabrics with the economics and infrastructure of volume, off-the-shelf, semiconductor components. Advanced Switching technology was collaboratively developed by the ASI-SIG, an industry organization with over 60 member companies from the semiconductor, systems equipment, and test and measurement industries.

This important new switched interconnect will play a major role in revolutionizing the system architectures of communications systems, bladed compute servers, enterprise storage and embedded applications. In 2005, many companies (including StarGen) will introduce products based on the Advanced Switching standard. StarGen is taking a leading role in educating system developers through its cooperation with The RTC Group and Light Reading. The RTC Group is hosting a PCI Express Technical Track at its regional RTECC events, where StarGen is presenting a session on ASI: Extending PCIe Architecture. Light Reading provides comprehensive and intensive executive seminars on technology issues in the communications industry.

StarGen speakers will present at the following events in Q1 2005.

Please see the StarGen website at for details on attending these events.

About StarGen
StarGen is a semiconductor company providing unified interconnect solutions for compute and communications equipment. StarGen, the leading designer of protocol-agnostic, open standards based silicon, enables system designers to extend system capabilities while leveraging existing standards-based parts. StarGen is developing a line of products based on the Advanced Switching (ASI) standard and compatible with PCI ExpressTM. These products will be ideal solutions for communication, storage, blade server and embedded applications. StarGen's currently shipping StarFabric product line benefits vendors of communication access platforms for voice, data, and video networks as well as vendors of embedded systems needing enhanced switched PCI capability. StarGen's unified interconnect products provide a dramatic increase in equipment performance, scalability, reliability, and Quality of Service while maintaining backward compatibility to existing standards based hardware and software.

PCI Express is a trademark of PCI-SIG. Advanced Switching and ASI are trademarks of the ASI-SIG. StarGen and StarFabric are trademarks of StarGen.

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