TransEDA's Verification Navigator Tool Suite Supports SystemVerilog

1/25/2005 - TransEDA, the leader in coverage and ready-to-use verification solutions for electronic designs, announces SystemVerilog support in new versions of its VN-Cover and VN-Check tools. By delivering these new versions, TransEDA has met the commitment it made at DAC 04 to provide support for the emerging SystemVerilog standard.

SystemVerilog support in VN-Cover, the industry's most accurate code coverage solution, means that designers can take advantage of powerful new SystemVerilog constructs such as enumerated types, records, user-defined types, etc., and still accurately measure code coverage on their design in the same way they do with VHDL and Verilog. Coverage measurement for SystemVerilog / VHDL, mixed-language designs is also fully supported.

SystemVerilog support in VN-Check, the configurable rule checker, enables designers to check name and style rules for this language very early in the design flow. This extended capability is extremely useful to ease migration of design teams to SystemVerilog and to ensure consistent use of this new language on a company-wide basis.

The new version of VN-Check also implements numerous assertion-oriented rules, aimed at helping designers to include assertions in order to correctly cover their designs. Another major enhancement in the new version of VN-Check is the implementation of advanced rules, which are verified using an embedded formal engine.

This new set of high-end rules allows users to perform extended design consistency checks on RTL, and complements traditional rule checking by formally verifying the functionality of selected features of a design.

Examples of the rules provided in this advanced rule set are:

With this enhanced version of VN-Check, designers have access to the best value configurable rule checking solution. The extended sets of rules, encompassing syntax, semantics and automatic formal rules checking, allow very early detection of design issues.

SystemVerilog VN-Cover, VN-Check versions and the VN-Check Advanced Rules option are available now in beta. For more information, contact your local TransEDA sales representative.

TransEDA will demonstrate these new key capabilities at DATE (Design Automation and Test in Europe):
8th - 10th of March 2005
Booth # D 7000.

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