Datasound Laboratories Launches New AMD Geode GX533 (GX2) ETX Module

1/21/2005 - Datasound Laboratories Limited (DSL) has announced the launch of its new AMD Geode GX533 (GX2) ETX Module. This complete processor core has been designed to cut time to market for OEMs by delivering a fully customised embedded solution with minimal engineering and adaptation costs.

It provides a form fit product without the cost of custom design, is easy to migrate from without changing form factor and removes overheads as DSL can manage the whole design and product supply process.

DSL (, one of the UK's leading suppliers of custom and standard form factor solutions has designed the new module with a clock speed of 400Mhz, a board size of 114mm x 95mm and has operating system support on the following - Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE.NET and Linux.

This complete processor core enables an extremely rapid time-to-market custom product, and its reliable connectors allow for an extremely low profile final design.

Derek Carpenter, managing director at DSL said: "This new AMD module will be a real boost to OEMs under pressure to get to market quickly. It enables them to begin software development immediately using the fully featured development system as the platform, whilst the manufacture of the finished product is carried out."

About Datasound Laboratories Limited
DSL manages product design from concept through prototyping, and through the complete life of its client's products. Thus component availability and obsolescence issues, which would normally impact production schedules, are seamlessly resolved so that clients reliably receive product on time, every time. Our design team have almost a century of cumulative experience within the industry and in excess of a decade of project design over numerous vertical markets, including utilities, telecommunications, marine, medical, measurement and military. More information is available at

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