Syracuse Research Selects VMETRO's Digitizer and Recording System

1/19/2005 - VMETRO, a premium provider of embedded, real-time boards and sub-systems based on open standards like VME, PCI, cPCI and RACEway, announced that Syracuse Research Corporation of Syracuse, New York, has selected VMETRO to provide a digitizer and recording system capable of sustained data recording rates of 720MS/s and scalable to 2GS/s.

"We chose VMETRO because they offer a complete and scalable solution that provides us with reduced time-to-market," said Jerry Carges, senior engineer at Syracuse Research Corporation. "We have been very pleased with VMETRO and would consider them again for future projects."

The digitizer and recording system comprises a SC240 VME-based digitizer for analog to digital conversion, Open-MDR VME-based data recorders for recording digitizer data streams, an Open-Marlin PC-based data recorder for recording GPS metadata, as well as high-performance Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Network)-based storage arrays used for data storage. System control is provided by the Open-Marlin via a browser-based GUI. The system is distinguished by its ease of use, powerful high-speed sustained recording capability and its highly flexible SAN architecture which allows scaling without the need for fork-lift upgrades. Coupled with the performance capabilities of Acqiris' Streamer-Analyzer technology this system can be easily scaled to support sustained data recording performance of 2GS/s.

"Using VMETRO's Open Recorder and Fibre Channel SAN products we are able, in a matter of weeks, to deploy a browser driven GUI that manages our data recorders and SAN along with 3rd party digitizer and GPS card," said Tom Bohman, VMETRO's vice president of Business Development. "For our customer, this means dramatically reduced cost and time-to-market not to mention easy scalability to three times the current performance requirement."

"The COTS market has an ongoing need for better and faster data acquisition systems," said Didier Lavanchy, vice president of Marketing at Acqiris. "VMETRO is a long-time leader in providing embedded, high-performance systems and components and we are confident that our Waveform Digitizer products will meet those performance requirements.

VMETRO offers products and services that enable clients to build superior high-end digital processing, recording and sensor I/O systems for their customers, on time! The products are based on open standards like VXS, VME, PCI, cPCI and RACEway. Founded in 1986 in Oslo, Norway, and in the U.S. since 1987, VMETRO is the world's largest manufacturer of bus analyzers for standard buses such as VME and PCI. VMETRO also offers an extensive line of high-performance signal processing solutions, real-time data recorders, PMC I/O controllers and modules for real-time data processing, acquisition and networking. VMETRO merged with Transtech DSP Ltd (High Wycombe, UK) Oct. 1, 2004, adding a powerful range of signal processing products to the VMETRO product range. VMETRO is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE:VME). For more information, please visit

About Syracuse Research Corporation
SRC is an independent, not-for-profit research and development leader focused on technology programs of national significance. Today, the company employs more than 500 people, with nine offices across the United States. SRC has doubled its revenue over the past five years and anticipates continued strong growth. For more information, please visit

About Acqiris
A leading designer and manufacturer of data conversion products, Acqiris' strength lies in combining the skill and talent of its physicists and engineers with the feedback and expertise of its customers. Products for applications in the research, ATE and OEM markets include CompactPCI, PCI, PXI, and custom digitizers, and waveform analyzers with Gigasample per second (GS/s) performance. With a focus on technological innovation, and having pioneered a number of breakthroughs in device size, power consumption, measurement fidelity and data throughput, Acqiris is leading the way in high-speed digitizer and analyzer products for systems used in industries as wide spread as synthetic instrumentation, airport radar, and particle accelerator experiments.

With a global sales and support network, including headquarters in the USA, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, Acqiris continues to provide the most advanced technologies that make data conversion more powerful, user friendly, and available to a wider number of users. For more information, visit

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