Advantech Delivers PCI Express to Embedded Application Developers

1/17/2005 - Advantech, the leading global ePlatform service provider, unveils its newest System On Module (SOM) series. The SOM-ETXplus Series brings PCI Express capability to the Advantech System On Module (SOM) family, plus expanded support for ETX solutions that include PCI-X (64-bit architecture) and AGP 4X/8X support.

Product samples of the new SOM-5780, a SOM-ETXexpress (PCI Express) SOM will be due out in early Q2 2005. The SOM-ETXexpress form factor adheres to ETXexpress (a subset of COM EXPRESS) specifications, an open PICMG standard developed in collaboration with Kontron (and Intel for PCI Express specifications). The new SOM-5580 ETX SOM offers AGP 4X/8X support, a smart solution that reduces CPU loading by transferring graphics processing to an independent card for graphics intensive applications. The SOM-PCI64 (OEM only) ETX solution brings PCI-X (64-bit, high I/O bandwidth) support to server and workstation developers and is backwards compatible with existing PCI based systems.

"The SOM-ETXplus Series meets customers' high bandwidth computing needs, plus offers a range of solutions not based on just one standard, but on application needs," said Jeff Chen, Chief Technology Officer of Advantech. "It shows Advantech's ambition to lead the SOM standard and commitment to supply a full range of off-the-shelf products and integrated software services, semi and fully customized design and manufacturing services to drive the most dynamic applications across various industries at the forefront of PC architecture."

Powerful SOM-ETXplus Series with AGP, PCI64 and SOM ETXexpress Solutions
The SOM-ETXplus and SOM-ETXexpress Series expands upon Advantech's existing SOM-144 and SOM-ETX solutions by giving customers innovation for their current and future embedded applications. Advantech's SOM-ETXplus Series development centered on customer feedback and their application needs. Customers not only want the newest technology like PCI Express, but need their current applications supported equally as well. Following the continued broad adoption of PCI Express in the consumer desktop market, the modular concept, high bandwidth, low pin count and software compatibility with existing PCI-based systems, is a natural for embedded applications requiring higher bandwidth like communications and applications with broadcast/multicast support.

The SOM-AGP SOM-5580 is a good example of Advantech meeting application needs. Targeting graphic intensive medical and multimedia embedded applications, the SOM-5580 allows developers to use a less power hungry/lower heat dissipating CPU in their solution. Embedded developers can continue to leverage existing off-the-shelf AGP graphics cards that improve and change nearly as fast as the CPU market. These developers are looking for strong and dependable performance, longevity and good pricing.

SOM-PCI64 is another example of Advantech matching customer needs. Since more embedded and enterprise solutions use the ETX form factor in their applications, the SOM-PCI64, with its 64-bit PCI-X architecture, targets blade server and clustered server applications that drive enterprises today. Advantech continues to support development and growth in these vertical application markets.

System On Module Experience and Support
Advantech was one of the first companies to make ETX form factor System On Modules, now there are over twenty competitors. Experience gained with SOM-144 and SOM-ETX solutions allow Advantech to more effectively help customers with the newest System On Module platform development. The SOM-ETXplus Series are backward compatible for many PCI hardware and software systems, are scalable for upgraded technology or changing application needs and feature long life support so important to embedded developers. Advantech's Design To Order Service (DTOSTM), in-house software development team and global logistics and support, all focus on customer needs.

Find Out More Today
For more information on Advantech's SOM-ETXplus and SOME-ETXexpress Series of System On Module solutions, contact your local Advantech sales representative for more information, or send an e-mail to

Advantech in Brief
Advantech Co., Ltd. (Taidex: 2395) is the global leading ePlatform service provider integrating web-based technology, computing platforms and customization services that empower the connected eWorld. Advantech cooperates closely with system integrators to help them add value to their solutions to meet demanding requirements in a wide array of industries. Advantech delivers more than a thousand products and solutions under 3 main categories: Embedded & Applied Computing, Network Appliance, and eAutomation. With the combined talent of more than 2,000 people, Advantech operates an extensive support, sales and marketing network in 16 countries and 28 major cities to deliver fast time-to-market services to our worldwide customers.

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