Sundance Joins Xilinx XPERTS Program

1/10/2005 - Sundance, a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of signal processing and reconfigurable computing systems for an extensive range of embedded designs and applications, announced it has joined the Xilinx XPERTS Program. For the past fifteen years Sundance has been developing advanced systems for high performance signal processing applications that have provided and continues to provide the industry with some of the most adaptive reconfigurable system solutions on the market. These fully compatible solutions include a large product line of Xilinx FPGA-based configurable coprocessor modules, data acquisition, and several other signal and parallel processing architectures.

Capitalizing on its FPGA expertise, Sundance is uniquely positioned to provide OEMs comprehensive, reconfigurable core architectures and solutions tailored to meet their application needs. With its multi-disciplinary engineering resources, its diverse products, its wealth of intellectual properties, and now a member of Xilinx XPERTS Program, Sundance is the ideal development partner for OEMs that need to implement complex and reconfigurable embedded system designs.

"Joining Xilinx XPERTS Program is a natural fit for us," said Flemming Christensen, general manger of Sundance. "Allaying ourselves with the major FPGA supplier would provide us with the opportunity to significantly enhance our time to market, competitive advantage, and access a wider customer audience allowing them to benefit from our experienced and dedicated development and integration engineering team.”

Sundance’s Xilinx FPGA-based platforms provide a complete solution from design to manufacture and end use. Central to its embedded system and PowerPC core implementations are the Xilinx Virtex-II ProTM and the Xilinx Virtex-4TM FPGA which are the processing hubs for a wide range of Sundance’s system carrier boards, daughter boards as well as data acquisition system. Specifically designed to address the complex application requirements and intensive computational bottlenecks frequently found in high-end signal processing applications, these systems are compliant to established standards such as PCI, CPCI, and VME. With the availability of higher capacity Virtex-4 FPGAs in the Xilinx product line, the inherent architecture flexibility in Sundance’s reconfigurable platforms make it easier for OEMs and designers to meet complex algorithmic FPGA designs delivery schedules.

“We are delighted to have Sundance as our newest XPERTS Program member,” said Jasbinder Bhoot, senior manager of Strategic Partnerships at Xilinx. “"Sundance clearly demonstrates it is qualified to respond to our customer design needs and increase the large portfolio of skills, products and services that are centered around the Virtex architecture, and currently available to developers worldwide.”

About the Xilinx XPERTS Program
Xilinx established the XPERTS Program ( to provide its customers with access to a worldwide network of certified design consultants. XPERTS members are certified and have extensive expertise and experience with Xilinx technology in various vertical applications, such as DSP, communications and networking, video and image processing, system I/O interfaces, and home networking. XPERTS members are an integral part of the Xilinx strategy to provide its customers with cost-efficient design solutions, while speeding time-to-market.

About Sundance
Sundance is a UK-based, ISO 9000 Compliant, independent company headquartered Chesham, U.K., and with offices in the United States and Italy. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets high performance signal processing and reconfigurable systems for original equipment manufacturers in the wireless and signal processing markets. Leveraging its multiprocessor expertise and experience, Sundance provides OEM with modular DSP and FPGA-based systems as well as, Data Acquisition, I/O, Communication, and interconnectivity products that are so essential to multiprocessor systems where scalability and performance are important. With over fifty different modules and carriers for PCI, cPCI VME and Stand Alone platforms, Sundance is a solution provider to semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and factory automation industries. Sundance, founded in 1989 by the current directors, is a Xilinx Xperts and MathWorks’ Connection program member.

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